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I have read non stop people's reviews complaining about OfferUps crappy customer service (which it is), and that they get banned for no reason (which yes, offerup does that B.S. frequently). I myself have been banned TWICE for no reason. Here's how to not only never get banned again, but it completely removes offerups ability to ban you in the future also. It also remedies the problem with these losers not allowing people to delete their accounts.

1) make a FAKE email account somewhere such as Mail.com or GMX.com.

2) Download the android app called "Fake GPS".

3) Open the Fake GPS app and it tricks any website into thinking you're location is somewhere else in the world than which you really are. You can pick ANYWHERE in the world you wish to be from.

4) Create a new bogus offerup account using the fake email you just made (be sure you keep the Fake GPS app running) and there you go...Offerup CAN NOT recognize or block your phone even if it was previously banned. Hope this helps some folks who've been burned like I have.

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make a new account open it in incognito mode on chrome on your phone and it works


This is a free site. When that is the case, you get what you get.


Hi everyone -

The only possible way to start using OfferUp again is by creating a new account with a new email on a new device (phone/tablet).You will NEVER recover your old account.

1. Create a new email (GMX, Yandex, Mail)

2. Buy a new Phone or Tablet.


On this NEW device create a NEW OfferUp account using the new email.

4. Take NEW pictures of your products, Post your products again and start selling. How to get banned/blocked again?

1. Using the SAME pictures you used and that are associated with your blocked account. 2. Using a phone or device that you used in the past with your blocked account.

NEVER log in from a device that used the blocked account. It will associate your new account with the blocked account. Please note that OfferUp does not care about the IP or the WiFi network you use, they do not block IPs or WiFis. They ONLY block Devices associated with blocked accounts.

I suggest you to buy several tablets and on each tablet create a different account. Never mix one with the other. One account per tablet.

If one gets blocked the other one will not be blocked, EVEN IF YOU USE THE SAME WIFI (IP) on all of the Tablets.Hope this helps!


i just noticed that they keep track of your sales...wtf?

why do they need to know if I make money or not? besides... people NEVER pay what you ask for. and recently sent a survey and asked so much questions about how much I sell per month.


weekly....kind of suspicious I have to say...


I guess I have been ghosted.I went to open the app and it says "Error, An error has occurred" And it will not let me do a password rest or anything.

Will send me an email but then it says that is down also. What is going on?

Has Offer Up been hacked or something?Or does it normally do this to everyone?


So i have been ghosted 3 times and nothing works except changeing your phone number and Ip address.this time my account was ghosted i got pissed and sent them a nasty email threw offerup help and said i will be using there competiters instead because they dont blacklist phone numbers and ip addresses and within 5 minutes my account was active recieved all my messages and i could post right away went active.

to Sean #1384384

Did you send it thru offer up or thru fb or I been sending there a lot o emails text everything they don’t reply


Still cannot believe there is not delete option for past or present conversations. My phone is just wasting space and holding messages from the past that I no longer want. How is it you can delete Enron and offerup can't come up with a "delete conversation button" lazy as *** if you ask me.

to Rusty #1377913

Yes! Pathetic

to Rusty #1398055


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