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I have read non stop people's reviews complaining about OfferUps crappy customer service (which it is), and that they get banned for no reason (which yes, offerup does that B.S. frequently). I myself have been banned TWICE for no reason. Here's how to not only never get banned again, but it completely removes offerups ability to ban you in the future also. It also remedies the problem with these losers not allowing people to delete their accounts.

1) make a FAKE email account somewhere such as Mail.com or GMX.com.

2) Download the android app called "Fake GPS".

3) Open the Fake GPS app and it tricks any website into thinking you're location is somewhere else in the world than which you really are. You can pick ANYWHERE in the world you wish to be from.

4) Create a new bogus offerup account using the fake email you just made (be sure you keep the Fake GPS app running) and there you go...Offerup CAN NOT recognize or block your phone even if it was previously banned. Hope this helps some folks who've been burned like I have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Website.

I didn't like: Non existent customer service.

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Hi my name is Elizabeth villa my OfferUp app does not work anymore don't know why every time I click on the app icon it will completely blanked out and go back to my homepage on my iPhone four is there anyway you could help me recover my OfferUp


The gps *** does not work i repeat dosent matter understand the principles of geo location they have banned the device not the location or the ip vpn will do nothing they dont ban ips they ban imies


ok ill try it, thank you


I just noticed that they deleted p[or SOMETHING]my unsold post without notifying me about ANYTHING. And my dumb self fell for their "promote your ad spot" so more people can see it!

$1.99 down the damn drain. And, YES - I did mistakenly upload my *** ID... AGGHHH. CAN WE START A COALITION/TEAM/WHATEVER, WHOSE MAIN DIRECTIVE IS THE DEMISE OF THIS *** PEDDLING COMPANY????

I am dead serious - look for me on IG if serious--same handle. Why hasn't anybody[s] done anything about them???!!!! And, I do see it making sense - how they're basically just fishing for our personal intel among other things, perhaps. This really IS what happens when the masses require FREE things all the time.

Someone is always paying for the free things... your identity and soul.


eather they block your wifi mac address of your phone or your phones imei number ??? its not the IP that can easily change and its not the wifi network !

and its not the number beacuse that van easily be changed but the wifi mac adrress is more hard to get changed not imposible and the imie it also hard but not imposible ! hope someone who really knows how helps!


i was immediatly blocked after i conected to my wifi at house and now offerup is not responding anyhelp??


I've posted offers in Offer up then they suddenly get removed because supposably not allowed. But I've seen others post the same type of offer and their doesn't get removed.


I've been banned over 6 times the reason is the people who nickle and dime on there report everybody who doesn't.

to Sheeeop #1488809

Hey have you figured out how to stay unblocked?


offferup is dumb


what gets me is other sale sites who charge exorbitant fees are now advertising on offer up. take eBay for instance.

they charge sellers so much its not fees-able to use them. but here they are right along your ad, advertising. that is wrong. then i see jacks small engine, walmart, and others.

i always thought offerup was for the people selling limited possessions and not businesses who charge up the kazooey on their own sites. this is what they call a conflict of interest situation and offerup needs to block the ads who already have their own sites.

to ken #1473452

Totally agree


Offer up wants you to use a different device if you leave OfferUp & come back...Why? As far as I'm concerned, they want to look bigger than they are.

When an item is deleted/ it appears as SOLD! THATS MISLEADING.

to OfferUpnomore #1473454

I forgot about offer up and stay with Craigslist. Craigslist is not on top of what you post.

And they're more organized. They have different selections for you to pick where to post your ad.


OfferUp appears to be mainly a " Data collection company. When you see items as sold, it's not necessarily true.

Most of the items I have are still for sale, yet offer up shows them as sold! Making it appear as a great place to post your items. Reality" everyone I know, still has most of their items for sale. OfferUp is misleading in our eyes.

Allow us to delete our item.

Nope. We think It's a data collection company at best.


Offerup does not do what they say they do or will do.

Don’t see the benefit to them other than collecting your info.


Now there it is there ...

Offerup could be profiting from your email, from you info. Who knows!

I’m mad as ***, you should be to!

to Nancie #1441273

It makes sense that the app is just a screen to collect and sell data. Because they are beyond horrible at customer support!Boycott them by deleting OfferUp!

to Nancie #1473455

*** yeah I'm mad. I left and not going back. I rather stay with Craigslist.


If I do a factory reset on the same phone I was banned with will I be able to create a new offerup account and start again?

to Peter #1542016

Im was thinking the same!

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