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OfferUp doesn't let me sell things using my computer. They only allow me to use my *** smart phone!

I don't want that *** on my phone! Why don't they let me sell stuff using my computer, the way I do everything else in the world? This is so damned frustrating!!!!! And they have ZERO help available, no way to reach a human.

So you are just stuck in their limbo forever. Are they trying to get an App on my phone that does other things?

Are they snooping my contacts and messages? Why do I have to use an "App" to do this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Buy Sell Offer Up Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

OfferUp Cons: No help, Cant use the computer.

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I couldn’t find my delivery is almost 3 months she charge me $56.84 for AiriPhone


would like to contact the administration of the OfferUp company and those who monitor the site, if any rules are violated. I like to buy and sell on your site, but for some a reason I don't understand, my account was a terminated.

-I think there are envious people who write some complaints, or something to the site administration, so that you close your account. I know that I did not do anything Against the rules, Offer Up site. I'm familiar with the rules, but anyway my account was closed.. I'm very upset because I've been on eBay for over 18 years and have no problems with the administration, not with clients.

The way you act, it humiliates the person and leads to depression. Before closing an account, you must notify and explain what the member has done against the rules. You should have special lessons that provide information about the correct bargaining and buying on the site. The seller spends a lot of time to exhibit their products and have the confidence and interest of the buyer, and in one moment you destroy all our work.

-This is not correct, and this behavior is not acceptable in a normal business society. -Also you should give a chance to the seller and the buyer to rehabilitate at least once or twice, after the account is closed.

@Vily D


@Vily D

So you want a Kindergarten for business ?


I agree. That is friggin lame.

I can post better ads and do it faster from my computer. 1 Star is all they get.


www.ask.offerup.com ...well, my Samsung cell phone is too old to upload the OfferUp app. So, I went onto YouTube, to see if there was a workaround for my desktop; found that & applied the workaround to my desktop.

Got set up; downloaded pictures and descriptions of my items and waited...I was asked to "try" TruYou to further establish my identity, but I just wanted these sales exchanges to be local and with cash, and with as little data exchange/recognition as possible, for safety reasons. Yesterday, I received an email about my OfferUp account that I have to fill out the TruYou verification (to prove that I am not a bot, acc. to a fellow OfferUp person, doing sales); otherwise, my listings will stay in the "archived" area & no one will be able to view them. So, I hit the TruYou link and imm.

run into a roadblock b/c I cannot use my desktop to "scan" a picture of me...my desktop has no built-in camera, nor do we own a webcam. I could use my Samsung phone...it has a built-in camera, but, again, it's too old to upload the OfferUp app (and TruYou, concurrently)...hence, my using the desktop, in the first place. So, I make images of all of my notifications, my replies to the notifications and send an email to "support" who tell me to shut down and restart/reboot my account (which accomplishes nothing, b/c I'm still right back where I started). If that doesn't help, to "contact support." This time, I Google and find a support phone number (1-844-633-****)...which gives me a newish email link: www.ask.offerup.com And, nothing else.

I Google, again, and find another support phone number, though it warns me upon calling that this number may not be set up any longer for its original purpose. Well, I take a chance and call; and I am asked to hit buttons for free prizes...? But, nothing else. I am now composing a 2nd email w/same attachments and updates, to www.ask.offerup.com.

Not feeling very hopeful & am looking for a workaround to the facial scan...LOL, I took a previous one in January for my IRS client account...maybe I can substitute that on TruYou...? Stay tuned...

P.S. UPDATE: the email address www.ask.offerup.com did not go anywhere...my email service stated in the recipient link that it was "non existent/not supported"...


Completely agreed. Ridiculous you can't use the PC to post but ONLY the app


I wanted to sell on offer up, sure do miss let go. But all they want you to do is install the app., why?

I don't have enough to upload that app. I only wanted to sell some stuff. Why make it so difficult. Not sure.

But, you know I would never sell on offer up after all this.

I sure do miss Let Go, It was so easy. Bet, they wish they never purchased let go, Offer up sucks the big one!


I guess the fact that I don't understand the point of limiting sellers to posting via their smartphone is evidence that I'm ancient or something. There are other platforms that allow the poster to decide whether to use a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

This seems much more democratic. OfferUp's approach is very strange to me.


*** offerup, it's ran by idiots




I can not even log on from my PC. I will not switch to using my phone.

I will use Facebook market place instead. Thanks for nothing Offerup.


i used to post from computer but recently the option is gone!


Damn Straight - phone is for Calls


yes, they bought letgo and changed their garbage platform. i never used the apps in the phone, i am a pc user, they are so blind they do not realize the flow of buyer traffic they are losing, not everyone has a smartphone


OfferUp is yet another example of the world addicted to cell phones. These sites seem to allow full use via a PC/windows, but then when you go to buy or sell suddenly you discover that an "app" and a cell phone are required. So frustrating.


Something is very odd with this app. Had the same problem cannot use my computer so we used the phone.

Once they had all my info i got lick out impossible to get back in! Wrote emails, they reply saying it’s fixed but still have the same error message ! They don’t have customer service phone line ! At the end we lost the clients and we do not know where all our personal information went!

They getting a lot of peoples information but we cannot contact them?

That is very odd. Are they in USA?

@Novalie Xev

after buying letgo, they are trash, sad they were a good site with no spam, bought letgo and they are nothing but spam, scam and no shows, you waste your time selling on here. i moved to mercari and fb marketplace and my sales tripled with shipping

@Novalie Xev

How dumb.. can't use my desktop to list anything. It's too tedious on a smart phone


I agree. I already have too many apps on my phone because more and more providers make it the only way. In my view, this doesn't build business, it shrinks it.

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