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Go into "Sports and Outdoor" at the OfferUp site, and you can find tons of guns, knives, and crossbows.There is no control over these firearm sales.

I'm expecting to find new posts for Surface to Air weapons.

The same people just keep re-posting these weapons when we report them. Some hide them under "auto parts" or "electronics".

OfferUp appears to be a haven for weapons, and they suggest meeting in public places to complete the transactions.Not sure what that's about when buying and selling firearms.

If I was a kid and wanted a firearm, OfferUp would be my source of choice.

Reason of review: Uncontrolled Weapons Sales.

Preferred solution: Warn others..

I liked: Easy to sell and buy.

I didn't like: No control over firearm sales.

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Ahh poor liberals get so sad about excercising the second amendment.Go put your nose in some educational material (specifically the second amendment, then your state and local laws).

Friggin lib-tards.

This thing you call gun control, yeah we kinda all got together and decided we didn't like it and we like our rights more than your irrational fears of droves of children flocking to offer up to by fully auto ghost guns with heat seaking capabilities!


Sorry.That dog isn't going to hunt.

I own several firearms and I've yet to decide on religious "beliefs" (this is how you spell the word.)

Take a minute to review the prohibited items on Offer Up.

Then, post your comments.(after using spell check)

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1248805

Got to love your religious belife being shoved down everyone's throat.

to Anonymous #1288402

Maybe you need to learn how to spell before you worry about people shoving anything down your throat, except perhaps some knowledge

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1184263

Person to person firearm purchases are completely legal depending on the state you live in. A quick google search will tell your states laws on the issue.

Nothing wrong with meeting in a public place to sell something...


Can't remove people from the equation, but governing an on-line service from supplying weapons can be done. It's a new concept named "gun control".


Quit being a ***.

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