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My account was canceled because I put the phone number and because I put duplicate ads, with no opportunity to return it, I also did everything, I bought other phones, I made mail accounts, I downloaded the fake location app, etc, but nothing worked for me, That yes, they sent me a survey, where they asked me how much I sell each day, each week and total of each month, they want to start charging ... because they asked me how much it would be fair to pay for selling that amount per month.

so I return to craigslist, and start selling on letgo, it is not the same, bud there no way for me. Kendrick (OfferUp Support) Nov 4, 5:33 PM PDT Hi there, Thank you for the information.

After looking into your account, I see that it was removed for violating our terms and services. There are reports of posting duplicate ads, and having phone numbers in the description and we do not allow such posts on our platform.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I didn't like: Cancelling my account without warning or reason.

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I duplicated an existing ad on offerup and then when I went to delete the original, I found several times that it had already been deleted. Looked as if it gets deleted automatically when you relist.

Again, they do not like if you do not bump up the items as they are not making money.

Goodbye to offer up. They won't stay in business for very long .


Why should they have to give you a warning for BEING STUPID and VIOLATING their TOS?


They banned your account because you could not follow their terms of use agreement. They can't hep that you CANNOT comprehend what you read.

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