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Which it did. And I tried to be a polite as could be, explaining what I thought could have happened, and that I was indeed not a low down criminal AC cord cutting *** But my hand were Tied.... AT 70 bucks to ship, I'm cashed out. And her offer to "split the cost of the item", just made no sense whatsoever and frankly I think makes her a little suspicious, why would she want to split a damaged item? If of no fault of her own, scream to high heaven, but in this case, it really wasn't me that was at fault either.

So, I happened to notice, that "Karen" was refunded, and that makes me happy. She deserves a working product, and it's unfortunate whatever happened.

What I'm nervous about, is if James (I. E. Me the seller) picked up the cost to make that customer happy. Because I really hope not, because that would be a tremendous miservice to me!! I want to say it was like 130 bucks plus the 70 shipping, out 2 bills for something that was not my fault, and you can check my prior ratings to see that I have a great rep on this site, and if one Karen feels differently than so be it.

But offer up, can u please, PLEASE confirm that you did not reverse any funds from me in the transaction??

Thanks so much for looking into it and letting me know, look forward to hearing back.

Stay blessed,

JJ Prescher

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Make sure I'm not out any money .

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