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I had a offer up site then all of a sudden i was not able to log in. This TruYou security came on.

i dont understand very well all these pop ups, so i did what it said. It gave me a badge, i emailed them no response. Im a senior dont understand all this stuff. But i demanded they close this TruYoubaccount or i was pursue legal action and report them to the BBB.

This is terrible and my personal information who knows where.

has anyone experienced this. Do you have to use TruYou?

Review about: Offerup Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Ma’am that is horrible. I would be concerned as well as to what that information is being collected or used for.Please do seek legal counsel and look into this privacy violation.

Read the fine print on these apps many of them are not going to tell you in big bold print why they collect the information they will most likely try to bury or hide it.

Please try not to be swayed by someone trying to convince you it’s safe. You do what’s right for you.Best of luck and god bless


I feel for you.

It's nothing bad and it doesn't share information. It's just a kind of weird way of making you prove you're you (or really working hard on trying to be someone else) so others know they're not going to meet up with someone else.

I don't know how it could have verified your DL without you knowing you were doing it, but as far as Facebook goes, it's easy for apps to pop up a window asking you to sign in and you quickly tapping yes, and if you're already signed in on that device, it'll skip asking for a password.

Again, they don't share anything with anyone else so you really don't have to worry, but if you're still uncomfortable, try linking them to this complaint to get a response.

For convenience, here's that link:

I don't know why you're having problems logging in, though. Perhaps a new account is an option?


This just happened to me too!

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