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Offer up said to me that I would have to take it up with the buyer but won't provide me there information any they deleted the sale/ is what happened...I post my old phone to sell....the lady wants it any pays for it. This was on a Friday.

I told her I still needed to get the information off my old phone any still do the transfer to me new phone....I ended up sending it out like 4 days after the purchase but I took it to a ups store because it was the only place open any they sent it to usps any it got there late but....on the day I sent the phone I got home to check my email and seen a new message from offerup...saying we canceled the order so don't send the product but don't worry if you have already sent it YOU WILL STILL GET PAID. This was like 30 days ago and I have heard nothing but oh so sorry there is nothing we can do.....thats crazy...and fot you to try and work it out with the buyer...are you kidding me?..they just got a free 400$ phone u think they are gunna send it back....or send the offer up who ive been doing business with for years really lost a buyer and seller because I am not in a position to just walk away from that....that is alot of money to me rite actually 300 short on rent rite now.....this is so insane why can't offer up just contact the buyer and let them know to send the phone back or they will take the payment out ...I should not be loosing money with this OFFER UP

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

OfferUp Pros: This app has potential.

OfferUp Cons: Nothing but scammers contact you.

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