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Yeah I actually pay 20 bucks a month for year. I literally can't login to my account and I can't get on for the and I am still being charged i.

Can't even log in to turn my debit card email them and I told him I have tried all stuff can you call me because I can't log on of i can't figure out the problem I might get a refund and ya'll. Might have to go in there for me and deactivate it until I can figure out what the problem is he reused to give number and i am contact u everyone is having hard time and the few people that are paying the account you might be so I asked for the manger so I can see if he can some how refund my money and turn account ptf until I can get pm i was just charged again and I can't get on. That's what I said and then instead of giving the phone number

They both started emailing a new email heading saying dear pissed off customer is what they had attached to the Top of the emails that kid coming.

O am a woman and for to that funny. I didn't disrespect y'all I am literally over here trying to get my debit card not charges go making funny of some one who is paying ya'll services sad especially right they keep emailing back and every time it's saying at the Top of the email dear pissed off customer in heading and they email and I keep seeing that that is so disrespectful and rude they both need to be fired i found a number to call don't use this service I am sorry so insulted that I didn't spell check

User's recommendation: My account is locked out and they are still charging my card and won't help fix.

Preferred solution: Im locked out my account and I keep getting charged i need some one call to see what I need to do because I can't login and I keep getting charged .

OfferUp Cons: No logistical customer service process in place, Keep charging even though i cancelled.

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