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At first I thought it was bad internet connection, but the app literally will not let me do anything. I restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled it back onto my phone, and even logged out from my profile(now I cannot log back in).

I had a dishwasher I was going to buy today, and now I cannot contact anyone. This is terrible, as for the website doesn't work either. I cannot contact offerup about their broken app or website, because they have no contact information either!

This potentially has ruined my chance of getting something I really needed for a really good price. When they fix this, they should really give something to everyone or something to make up for all of this.

Review about: Offerup Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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OfferUp crashed on me, in Dallas Texas, this morning.


Offer up ,,,They could of had prevented this just by not letting people join unless they are verifyed and have a pic,,, I hate new people who just joined ,,,no ratings ,, ,no stars ,,,,nothing for sale ,,,no pic,,,no location ,,,fake name ,,,,then when they click on your item they say ....I would like to buy your item please contact me by email at and then say it's because I respond fasted through email I don't check my offer up,, this is a red flag or even if they are not a scamer but have no info on them I still would not trust them compared to someone with 60 star rateings and all there info please people be safe don't click on emails and if they have no info don't belive they want to buy don't waist your time just flag it as you see it so we don't get this problem again .


I have called family in wisconsin, chicago,florida,California, texas,and also in Mexico all said offer up is down for the past 3 weeks I have reported hundreds of scams in past 2 days a over fill of car scams came in asking you to click or go to there email once clicked the virus is in your cell also if clicked and you have your visa info for payment on this site your balance will soon be $0 offer up is trying to work out this problem money is lost and virus has been attacking this error will last days to weeks you can't turn your cell on then off or delete then open the app again or log in with new name it is closed and it will open on its own offer up can not receive nor you can at this moment send a email to them as well it is closed sorry people I'm losing out also try the let go app that's the next best app or #1 now do to this .

Compton, California, United States #1296058

Not working just stopped retry not working. What a mess gonna loose a deal now

Compton, California, United States #1296057

I love how the page says that their staff has been notified of the issue and that you should help them out by telling them what YOU did to mess up the app haha

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1296048

I'm having the same problem. It's left me in quite a lurch as I was in the middle of a deal

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1296045

OfferUp is not working in Arizona!

Huntington Beach, California, United States #1296035

I think they been ***! looks like... the app dont work and the actual app does not respond!


Yes same here! Apparently they are having issues.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1296030


Marysville, Washington, United States #1296015

Same in Florida. Not working for the past 2 hours

Marysville, Washington, United States #1296014

Its the app malfunctioning because Ive tried the same thing from 2 different phones and its still not up

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1296037

It is NOT just you - down for me as well. Went checking to see if was only me and found this so must be out across the board

Berkeley, California, United States #1296009

Same in Georgia, not working either

Miami, Florida, United States #1296006

Same issue here in Colton CA.

First it was eBay, then I was like Nooooo. Not them too.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1296019

Not working In Victorville California

Miami, Florida, United States #1296004

I've had my offer up freeze on me as well. And I did the verification and loaded my drivers license and photo and after that it *** down on me.

I've deleted the ap and tried to use FB to go back in and it just keeps saying error and to retry and it retry doesn't do anything. The customer service link says it doesn't exist. Now I'm afraid this site may be scammers and they have my drivers license copied front and back!

Should I be worried?

The drivers license was to give me a verified status to sell better.

to Lynn Kowalski #1296040

Someone else did the same thing. Not a wise choice. There is definitely something scamming going on!


Don't worry the app isn't working for anyone ! Meaning your dishwasher is most likely safe until they get their app back up and running.

I had customers I expected today but guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

Apparently their staff has been informed of the problem ! Been down for like an hour now

Dover, Pennsylvania, United States #1295990

Not working for me either

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