This person , brendarobinson109(@)gmail.com, is using my email to sell a truck, Who is flooded with the responses in my email when I click on an email offer it takes me right into this persons account 1) a break of privacy

2) I cannot remove my email from his account

3) I tried to email him using the above email and I get a message saying that this is not a real email

4) You can get into my Facebook account as well by using information I had to change my email on my Facebook account

I have blocked every person that has emailed me I have reported it as spam I have also unsubscribe

I need help contacting this person having my email removed and that would be a great start and then check on your application and make sure that nobody else can put somebody elses email on there

This is quite difficult to contact OfferUp theres no direct way, I googled the telephone number that said do not leave a message how crazy is that

User's recommendation: Research this app and make sure that it is secure and that personal information from other people can’t be stolen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Profile.

Preferred solution: My email from this man’s account or woman’s account and don’t let that happen again to anybody else.

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