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Same Goes with me ! this is what I consider a job for me I go from selling five items a day just selling nothing not being able to post anything did you ever get your account running again some lady message me on one of my items I was selling that were JoJo hair bows she asked me if they are condoms I sarcastically said condoms with a fourteen-year-old on them really she told me she works for OfferUp she's supposed to look for prohibited items I told her if you work for OfferUp then check the description before you go asking somebody if their items are condoms especially children related items she told me you failed the OfferUp test your account is being suspended for 24 hours it's been almost five days and still nothing. How can you ask me if some children items on selling are condoms and then suspend my account because I was quote on quote smart with you

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

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