Hello. Im reaching out to you to see if youre able to assist me?

I had an account with OfferUp for about five months and in that five months had about 70 sales. I had a bad experience with a lady who wanted a bag that I had for sale but wasnt available for several days and I had somebody make a better offer and come and purchase a bag. She started threatening me and calling me all kinds of profanity. Extremely mean and rude.

She told me that she was going to file a report to say I stole from her, which I never stole anything from her I never even met the lady. I notified offer up and I blocked her. A day or two later I went to go reach out to the people I was supposed to meet with and my account was closed. I have since tried to contact OfferUp and they wont even respond to my questions.

This was my lifeline for my kids. Im a single mom who has been so affected by the pandemic. I have no income. This was the only thing that was keeping food on the table.

With me selling all of my personal belongings. Now I have no way of keeping food on the table for my kids. I have things Listed on other sites, but I dont get sales like I do not offer up. Can you please help me?

I am a single mom struggling. I get no child support I get no financial help. My EDD was stopped due to fraud that never happened on my account. Ive been waiting over two months for them to re-open my account.

I have no financial assistance no loans no nothing to help me. Please can you assist me with this this is horrible.

My name is Shelley Barber. From Upland California my phone number is 909-532-****.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Selling on offerup!! Your account can be closed for no given reason!!

Location: Los Angeles, California

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