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Hi. Somehow my watch I bought on offerup was shipped to my old old address on Oct 15th according touspsSo after some time I did some digging And went to the post office in dntn San Diego &;;;;;;;; they said it was in fact mistakenly shipped to an old address of mine a few blocks away from there-a residential dive hotel called the peachtree inn at 901 F st.

So I go over there & the shady characters behind the front desk said they had a vague recollection of it with a real wishy washy incompetent attitude & they were checking a few spots, box under the desk, etc. And nothing. Classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. So assuming it got shipped back I went back to the post office & they said in this case it've been shipped back to sender-which didn't happen.

So monday Im going upstairs there to our postmaster generals office & report it & they'll be crawling up every orfice the peachtree has with a flashlight! So yeah, I think they weren't paying attention & either it was claimed by the person in the room I lived in 2 yts before thinking it's their lucky day, or one of the staff kept it for themselves-I honestly wouldn't put it past em to pull something like this. So looks like theyre gonna be reckoning with a federal issue here starting monday if I cant get this resolved by the end of the weekend. Post office goofed up, the Peachtree played off it, now they're gonna be talking to the feds.

The mgmt is straight up ghetto there! They also get paid a little extra somethin somethin from the parole dept to direct deposit convicted sexual predators getting released intoresidence there as they "dont screen for that" its almost like a prerequisite to get approved to move in there! This isnt going to be a 1st time tampering with peoples mail.

They also have been caught entering the tenants rooms when they knew they were gone rifling thru their stuff ripping off anything they could get their hands on. Their mommas must be so proud..effin ghetto people smh

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $51.

Preferred solution: Arrest the thieves.

OfferUp Cons: Lack of a phone number to call.

Location: 901 F Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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Ok. I dont know where they got the idea "Darleen" made this post, it was me.

FF to today, I put in a police report & it MIRACOLOUSLY got found & I just got notice the Peachtree inn at 901 F St returned it to sender! Ha haaaaaaa! Yeah sure, it's gonna be a few more days till l'll finally get my watch, but now the crooked staff at the peachtree know..Im not playin!! This building needs to get condemned & put out of business.

If me frontin em off like this has any bearing on this inevitably happening, it'll be gratifying & my work is done here. My final message to the Peachtree in?


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