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Offerup has been a great sight for me to sell stuff on but recently I've had several younger males commenting on everything I post for sale with crazy offers. Say I just posted a brand new bluetooth in the box for half retail in the stores.

Then these guys comment as soon as I post it with an offer that's half what I posted it for. Knowing that I just posted it and my selling price is half of the market price, they throw a stupid price out there and wanna argue because I won't take it. Then if that's not enough, some of them continue to act as if they are gonna buy what I'm selling. Never asking where can we meet and when but instead telling me where to meet them.

These guys are very rude, demanding and take up your time thinking they are interested in buying your post. Then when you finally make a date and place to meet. You go there thinking you are selling something but only to be fooled by a rude, childish, lier that played you. Now he's not only been rude and took up your time playing games.

He's got you sitting here waiting in a parking lot, thinking that he's gonna buy what you are selling because you had to tell other interested customers that really wanted to buy from you today, that the sale was pending.. Now he's been rude,demanding, took up your time cause you assumed he really was interested and now he's got you running here and there to meet him only for him to never show. When if he weren't in the picture, you'd been able to talk to a seriously interested customer and by now you'd be meeting the real customer and collecting your money for the product, instead of sitting here like a fool waiting on no one. Only to have to let customers know it's still available n hoping this next man you meet is serious about buying it.

So in the whole picture, these guys not only wasted your time on Offerup from being able to talk to a real customer and meet this customer instead of sitting here aggrevated that you wasted your time,money and gas on someone that thinks it's funny lying to people. It's not and it's really aggrevating wasting time fooling with people like this when there should be a place to put a review on the person profile. That way warning the next person to not waste your time with him.

Seriously, waste all that time and even set up to meet and buy it only for you to never show..This needs to be handled. Somebody needs to get a handle on these guys wasting peoples time and money.

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Just some seller tips. This is normal.

Don’t engage. Just block them and move on. Don’t argue, Block..... As for meet ups.

Some now show yes but to cut down on that always confirm an hour before you are set to meet. No reply, don’t go to meet place..... unfortunately you maybe lucky they maybe casing you to see. It’s been happening with electronics.

They are mugging ppl.... The app does nothing to *** out criminals and illegal content nor behavior. It’s a gamble every time you meet someone from this app.

Can’t leave a review so cant warn others. It’s a mess.

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