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Emily Suarez gave me this really sad sob story about her son and fiancee being killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver when I asked about the ad she had posted on offer up. It was for a 2006 dodge charger srt8 with 50K miles.

Her cohort Michelle R deskins sent me an invoice from ebay motors as I was told I needed to get 4 500.00 dollar prepaid gift cards, call Michelle with the numbers on the back. Once the funds were verified I would receive the car in 2-3 days.My wife and I were in a car accident and were using this money to replace my car that was totaled. This is so sad people have no conscience. We don't have the money to replace my car now because of this scam.

If you receive a number to call to send gift card numbers to. look it up on reverse look up in the white pages. I hope this helps someone else from being scammed.

it is a very sickening feeling. not to mention the financial burden it has placed upon us now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Marketplace.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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why so many people fall for this crap and blame the app when its your own fault never never buy anything with gift cards that a sure sign of a scam.Im sorry that happened to you but nothing will get your money back


I googled her name and add because It seemed too good to be true and it didn't make sense to me why she was selling it in nebraska and not near her fort Belvoir military base.


Oh my goodness thank you! I almost just bought a car from her.


Sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately the app has a lot of scammers and frauds!!To the Ppl commenting below me...So basically instead of helping educate people you troll on this ladies post to say crazy rude things..Sounds like the mentallity of OfferUp support!Any app should provide a safe atmosphere and take precautions to *** out scammers and cons. OfferUp does not do that they have increased fraudulent and illegal activity over the last few months with no end in sight.

to Anonymous #1439863

*** out is not a bad word?? *** out like to remove weeds?

To *** a garden? Weed?


An age old scam and you fell for it.


how can u be so gullible? send money as a GIFT CARD???



This is the very reason why I’m skeptical to online sales..I hope that you can get your money back or some type of justice.

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