Hello. The seller had tricked my husband last night and gave him a wrong purse (her listing shows there is huge printing inside the purse that is missing and not in this one).

Also, I noticed that the handles on this purse is much thinner and narrower than the ones in her photo listings. I know that she is selling a counterfeit purse reflecting her asking price. However, this morning when I woke and my husband came in from his night shift as a nurse I realized that the seller gave him a different purse for her photos in her listing doesnt match with the item she gave my husband.

I contacted the seller and kindly asked her that it must have been an innocent mistake that she handed the wrong purse to my husband last night.

Yet, she refused to rectify the situation. Please help and contact me at 661-524-****.

Best regards

User's recommendation: This seller is very dishonest by pulling a fast one and hand them the wrong item and will refuse to do the right thing. The seller has no integrity whatsoever. Bee, I have purchased many items on offer up and this is the first time I made and reported a claim. Most sellers or buyers I met in this site were usually very nice. I hope this seller will not ruin this site for the rest of the consumers. Thank you.

Location: Ontario, California

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