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I got scammed out of $1,500!! People post cars and say their chat messages don't work, you have to e mail them.

Then they give a story that their son died and it's his car and they just want to get rid of it. They send you an eBay motors invoice which tells you what to do to pay. Once you pay, the money is gone!! I've been reporting all these scams and yet some of them are not taken down.

Who ever is in charge of going through the reports, don't do thier job. I'd gladly do their job to Dave people from getting scammed like I did. I lost every bit of money I had to these people!! BEWARE any post that says email them or that their chat messages aren't working this is just a lie!!

has email in thier postings or pictures!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Auto Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Listen up people. You are getting scammed if you are posting phones on Offerup for sell in the Inglewood, California area.

Crenshaw Blvd. & Hardy. These make believe buyers are taking your phones. They are telling you that they would like to show it to someone before purchasing it or something to that effect.

They don’t live at the address where they meet you. Once they have your phone in hand, they lock the entry door run through the building to a waiting car and disappears. Be smart and safe.

Inglewood Police Dept. has been informed.


So small dealers are posting car pictures with background of nice residential homes.Making you believe it is a private owner.Once you arrive at their location they want you to pay dealer fee to proceed (Waste of time)


It's your own stupidity if you get scammed do some research first and don't ever send money , I agree ,offer up should be held responsible they allow these ads


Yes, i was robbed from a seller on offerup for 1400.00 dollars. I want justice!! It should be a better way than to think your going to spend ur hard earn money and some thug just takes it!


I got scammed myself iphone i don't know how these guys prey on people how could they live with themselves what goes around comes around....They will get theres---horrible. We make a sacrifice to buy things and they do this? Thugs-Scammers-Stealers i hope you pay for this and all scams.


If they say in an email for you to give your information so the can send it to eBay. IT'S A SCAM.


This type of scam is moving to Letgo now. Everyone beware of the email patriciatheresa46@gmail.com.

Whenever I think the world can get worse, I experience something like this.

Its one thing to scam someone (which is already awful) but to make up a story about a loved one dying. I never thought I'd have to question a story like that.


I just had the same thing happen to me the whole story u told was exactly the same so must be same person behind it I lost 1500 and would like to know what I can do about it


Take offerup to small claims court. They had to approve the ad that was a scam. Hold them liable.

@Josh Geng

Yes they are responsible. They don't have a phone number.

Nobody to talk to. And a Polo box.

Really people. At least eBay you can talk to a real person.


My daughter cell phone was stolen. We tracked but before the police could get there it was a parking lot at Dunkin Doughnuts.

So I erased iPhone put it lost mode with a message this iPhone has been stolen. Please call this number. Two days later a young girl calls tells me she bought the iPhone for several hundred bucks. She wants to return it because she wants no part of a stolen phone.

So we meet up, I gave her a reward. My problem is she knows who the person is. This company not helping her get her money back. Because these crooks think they are smart.

I left out the guy actually went into the doughnut shop and used his debt card for coffee. I am one smart marine wife. Who has lots of police friends. Listen up people, tracking an iPhone and going to a coffee shop to sale a iPhone, with there cameras and we got his tag off video camera.

Stealing is wrong. Warning if it looks to good to be true it is. Price so low for a $1,300.00 phone. I got news for you crooks, sale phones have serial numbers.

Victims do make reports. The police department has detective that's there job. There even some that look to bust people for *** stolen items no different. We the people are smarter then y'all crooks.

Consumer beware if buying from this site. If you looking to buy some used clothes for kids. You probably okay.

Why not just go to Goodwill! Peace, love, people be honest!


Thanks a lot


It sounds like a class-action lawsuit against offer up they allowed these people to post on their website they should be liable for the scams they should be able to drop these postings but they don't


your fault why would you send anyone money sorry you had to learn the hard way only buy in person


Wow! Joe with a comment like that.

Makes me wonder if you the person who received the money. People try to just others.

There's so many ways to get scammed. She 's only spreading the word.

@Anon Anon

I was scammed by a guy named Joe. Not saying it the same person.

But as long as people don't send money to unknown accounts and do some research before they do. All we need to do is keep flagging the scammers accounts.