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Dennise Leon

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to me

Thank you for contacting me about my 2007 Acura RL . The car is in great shape with 104,170 mileage, it's automatic with 6-Cylinder . I'm the first owner, it was never been involved in accidents and has clear title. I am selling it for $1.500 because my husband died 1 month ago (he had a heart attack) and brings me bad memories. Along with my daughter we decided to sell the house and moved to my brother in Hartford, trying to start a new life. I want to use Amazon services, so if you're interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address and phone number, so I can notify Amazon. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next 24 hours to explain the entire procedure.


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Vacaville, California, United States #1256333

People...Come on, haven't you ever heard of the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

Be for real.

If someone were in such a bad way that they would sell a $9000.00 vehicle for $1500.00, they would be able to sell it without having to list it on Offer Up, Craigslist or Let Go.

Also, if anyone asks you to send them the cash up front, DON'T! You're going to get Ripped Off! I guarantee it!

The scams that amaze me are the ones where a company or someone sends you a cashiers check for XXX amount of money, ask you to cash the check and then ask you to send them back some of it. SCAM!!!!

Next thing you know, your bank is calling to let you know that the check bounced. Surprise - Surprise!!!!

Again, if it is too good to be true.... It is!!!

Be smart... Think about it.

Would you offer anyone the deal you are being offered? Everyone is out to get as much money as they can for as little as they can give!

I'm sorry about your ordeal.Chalk it up to a bad learning experience and be smart next time!

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