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For the record, there are way too many scams on this app.. you always have "buyers" asking to text your number, or for your email address, so they can "send you money" when it's really a fake PayPal invoice or a bot trying to scam you.

My situation however, was when I saw someone selling AirPod Pro's for $170 - he claimed he had only one out of the two pairs he said he had on the description of his listing. He said they were real and brand new, still sealed. He came to me and I paid him thru ApplePay because I didn't want to go to the ATM. I got them, opened them, and instantly saw that they were fake.

I texted him saying I knew they were fake, he never responded. Texted him again, he blocked my number. Then I continuously message him on OfferUp, and he never answers - but he drops the price on his listing from $170 to $160. I am so angry about this.

I am waiting to dispute the transaction with my card company in hopes that they will give me the money I lost (but I doubt they will). This is the worst feeling ever! Needless to say, I ended up going on Amazon and buying myself authentic AirPods Pro. DO NOT USE OFFERUP, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK UNLESS THE SELLER SHIPS THE ITEM USING OFFERUP!

There needs to be some sort of protection when people pay using something other than OfferUp. There needs to be some way to stop these scammers from getting away clean. I am going to figure out if I can file a police report soon.

I reported the user and his account AND fraudulent listing is still up. Such a disappointment that so many people get scammed and we can't do anything.

User's recommendation: Be mindful of scammers, do not buy anything expensive, do not buy AirPods.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

OfferUp Cons: Theifs, Cannot reach a customer rep on offer up by phone at will, Hate it scammers, Not suitable for minors.

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