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I seen an iPhone 8 on offerup and I messaged the seller about the phone the asking price was 180 and if i wanted to get it sent 2 day shipping it would be an addiction 20 dollars . she stated to me send the 100 dollars first and she would mail the phone off and I would receive attacking number and when I receive the phone to send the rest .

I sent her the 100 dollars through cash app and noted saying for the iPhone . it showed she received the money after she received she stop communication . I made several attempts.

After about 2 hours of trying to reach she blocked me and change her profile name to something different I then found her new profile and attempted to reach out to her but the phone that I made a deposit on stated it was sold to someone else. I requested from her to refund me my money but never gotten a response and was blocked again from her new profile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Marketplace.

Location: California City, California

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