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Measurement and sizes

you need to provision that tells the size of anything that you order cluding shoes dimensions on an item would be right quite helpful



Of some an item. The weight was wrong.

I need to change the weight and get a new shipping label. How do I do this.

It sold on 5/10/18. I need this fixed soon as possible in order to ship.


Can login to my account

When I county says my account is forbidden


Barber services

Id like to bump my barber services here with offerup please contact me 702 675 5156


Why can't I see my offer?

I can't see my offer I am trying to sell. I don't get any questions or messages. What am I doing wrong?


I can’t get messages


Offer withdrWl

I submitted an offer by mistake. How do i withdraw.?



Are you aware of the scams on your site? Some sellers are asking buyers to pay for car through ebay.

I researched it and found it to be a scam. A few people been dooped already according to google.



I have been dealing with a buyer from last Sunday. She bought 8, 20 year old Furbys from me.

She has texted me on several occasions that she wants to return all they don’t work. Then they do work ! But now she wants to return some and keep some !. I and wants a discount on them ???.

I have offered her the partial refund and now she does not message me back. I’m tired of her nonsense and do not want to be banned from the site. Her name is Nicole mazzullo on the site. As of this am I have given her 3 hours respond to set up appointment as a last ditch effort to make her happy.

Or refund is off.

What is your policy please and thank you. I have made copies of all corespondents for reference if needed.



Something on your sites when it ask for a Facebook account and I don't use it Facebook is not very good place to be in my opinion but I've done everything else but I'm still lacking that but I would love to sell some things on your site if you see my side maybe you would understand but I don't think I'll ever have a Facebook account again in my life please get back to me and see if you can answer my question or do I have to have Facebook to even sell off your site thank you



Is there a cost if I sell an item via your app?


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