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I bought for a phone on offer up from a buyer and I still haven't recieve the phone

I have proof me sending the money to him but he hasnt return my call in 2 days


Their a piece of property on your ad of land for sell in eufaula for 12,500 i can not get hold of any body could you help me get a hold that person my phon#918-315-6906 and my name is tresea please help me are let me know if it is still for sale.


My filter is set for Paramount, ca ..witj 20 mile radius..why Palmdale, ca ..items come up

Lap top


How can I report a scammer?

Eddie is his screen name sold me a microwave brand new unopened box, when I got home, the microwave has dents all over andcrack inside.I'm trying to contact him for 2 Days does not return my text.

He has lots of unopened bix in his storage here in summerlin Las Vegas and scam people.I don't want anyone to have the same fate as I have.


I cannot respond to someone wanting an item I posted . Help .

I cannot respond to someone , I have correct email but not sure of password . Can you help . Thank you .


I forgotten my password can you please help me


How do I change my profile name?

Can people only make offers through email? No one can phone you directly to make an offer?


What can be done if someone scammed you


When taking pic {Error sorry something went wrong try again} comes up


offer up will not take my email a dress and my password to let me in


I keep getting locked out when I try to use offer up

keeps showing incident id 237000400141955862-101127633519837824 text of phone 702-339-1728 or the above email tks


Bought stolen phone

My daughter bought a phone from a gentleman posting on your site yesterday and we went to turn it on and it is on a lost/stolen list. We have called the number she was given and no one answers. Please help