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Can't access my messages.

I have my sleeper sofa sold but now all of a sudden I can't access my messages from the buyer.He is on the way to pick it up and I cant reach him through Offer Up.

The message button no longer brings up any conversation.Help, please!!


Can’t view my items and respond to anyone

Please fix my account


Posting items

What does bump mean?


How it works

Is there a charge to post items for sale?? What does bump mean?


Anoying and offensive notifications

How can I block offensive people


Not getting notifications

Please review my settings, I'm not getting any notifications.


Not able to see what I am selling

Can not see what I am selling.Can not put sold in items.

Already logged off and back on.Still this problem



Why are my posting not being uploaded on main page? Seems like my account is locked


Account locked

How do I regain access to my original account??


Finding Older offers from several months ago

I purchased a computer bag a few months ago.I found a USB flashdrive in it yesterday with lots of pictures I feel it might be important & would like to return to the owner.

I've been trying to look for the woman I purchased it from. I wasn't able to pull up my old chats, to see the person I bought it from.

Can you please help!Thank you, Marlo Peterson


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