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I made a profile approximately a week or two ago under the email for michelleharrisjaqwez@***.com. I made my first purchase.

The young man paid with his card. And my payment information was put in correctly. After he made his payment we exchanged numbers so that I could give him his tracking number. My account was deactivated.

I had to use my old account from 2015 inorder to put my product back on offerup. The young man who sent a picture of himself (in law enforcement) text me and told me that the money was taken out of his account from offerup offices located in washington state. I checked my account to see if there was any pending deposits and there was none. I emailed offerup on several occasions trying to get this resolved.

They of course was no help. There was no fraud on our end (me nor the young man) and I have decided to allow him to get his product. He was actually the one who told me my account was not able to be retrieved because he wanted to leave a customer review on my profile but it was no longer there.

The profile that is up now I updated recently so that I may try to make more sales. I have never had this problem before with offer up so I'm trying to figure out what is going on with the payment

User's recommendation: Just don't even bother with this.

Preferred solution: Refund my customers money since I haven't received it .

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