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Hi, so I had purchased an item (nightmare before Christmas inflatable mayor Halloween town) on Offer. That was sold by Create joined AUG 2017 in Bellflower.

She had put for the description as never used and new. I messaged her and verify it again if it was ever used or damaged she replied by saying it was new never used but it was an open box. I went ahead and meet with her and asked to see the items can be blown up she said yes. When I got there she showed me the items in the box ; keep in mind it was gloomy outside and getting late, so I pulled it out quickly.

Hoping that she would connect it; so I can see it up and running she didn't. It was awkward for a couple of minutes and I just briefly looked at it UN- inflated. When I got home I inflated it and clearly saw the items was not new like she had described on the description of the OfferUp site and messages. I had purchased it with cash, so I knew that it was between me and her whether she would refund me the money and I can give her back her item.

I was polite with her and let her know that the item was ruined and damaged and was not as she described in this description she went ahead and accuse me of me doing something to the item. Which I was offended because I love collecting these type of collectibles inflatables. An if you can see my account this is all I like to purchase. I asked her if I can get a refund she said yes and after 2 min of no reply she said no final sale.

But nowhere in the description it says final sale nor when I asked her the first time. She begins to falsely accusing me again and falsely reporting the description of the item on the OfferUp site. I told her I was going to go over and showed her the items that she just sold me 1 hour ago, but she denied me off wanting to give me back the refund. Like I said my girlfriend and I like to collect these collectibles but once they're ripped they are ruined and has no value to use so my girlfriend dropped it off at her house knowing that the 160 that we paid for it was lost.

Then today she tried to deceive another collectible enthusiast and put it back on offer up site saying it was new never used on the description again.

Knowing now that its Ripped and damaged she is still falsely describing the item. I've been shopping on OfferUp for 5 years and I know offerUp doesn't stand by these standers but her being allowed to upload it again after she took my money and gave me a ripped product upset me and as a value member here on offer Up I ask that her site is removed or at the very least that she won't be allowed to put up the ruined item back on her post and falsely describe it as new.

A waste of time money and effort to drive an hour and a half where she lives just for it to be ruined at the end is upsetting please if you guys can step in and help I would gladly appreciate it.

User's recommendation: Always pay with card so if the items is ruin or damage you won’t feel like you’re losing out on the product and money.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

OfferUp Pros: Easy to navigate app, To display goods.

OfferUp Cons: You can get scan.

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