Offerup Truyou Membership Reviews

to join the "TruYou" membership on Offerup. Waited and waited for the promised confirmation email...nada. Sent three more emails to their customer service...SURPRISE, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Also, while waiting, I listed something for sale that was deleted, completely, after a day. No email explaining why, nothing. Worst site EVER! I would rather give eBay 10% and have someone give me actual service. I would like to know if I have...
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LadyScot Check your spam folder.

I didn't like
  • No customer service feel scammed
You all have alot of scam artists that on this website you know what alot of these peolle are doing,they are using yall we site to scam people and me and others agree that you are as much involve in this then the one scamming people right now you all have a person acting as Rick got a F150 2004 with king cab and 50,000 miles and just want 2536.00 for it that's how they got me these peolle are robbing people and yall sitting back allowing this to...
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