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I bought a toddler to twin size lightning McQueen car bed with built in toy box and working headlights for my two year old son, everything looked great eccept a few peeling/ missing stickers. Unfortunately when my son slept in it the first night of owning it he was covered in bites.

Curious I took the bed apart only to find bed bugs and bed bug *** when I contacted the seller he refused to fefund my money and take the bed back. Then I sent him pictures of the infestatin. And he preceded to tell me I just wanted to return it because I changed my mind on the bed for no reason. The costomer service was no help resolving this issue I am completely repulsed by this site that they allow people to sell bed bug infested baby beds or any type of bed bug infested furniture for that matter.

Shame on them. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). lyndsey62292 is overall dissatisfied with Offerup and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Seriously? LOL @ blame the site because someone sold you a bad product?

Caveat emptor my friend!

I have sold lots of stuff on this site and if you use it properly, and carefully, it is a great tool to have. In my opinion WAY better than Craigslist.

to Anonymous #1116423

yes it is way better than craigslist. although the costumer support did not help and continued to let the seller sell items infested with bed bugs!

so yea LOL @ you!!!! I am very serious people should know this sites costumer device is poor.

not saying your service is poor. unless you are the pos who is selling bed bug infested items as you posted anonymous.

to lyndsey #1118310

You didn't inspect the bed? It's offer ups fault the buyer was a liar and offer ups fault you were to lazy to double check?

to Anonymous #1119072

Actually i did check the bed. everything seemed to be great until i unscrewed the frame and took all the pieces apart.

its not offer ups fault the man was a liar. It is however is their fault they continue to let him sell items on the site that have bed bugs. you may not agree with my review and that is fine but please understand bed bugs are often hard to find unless you are getting bitten and have taken the bed frame apart piece by piece.

this particular bed is a plastic bed with a lot of grooves and crevices for the bugs to hide in i had no reason to suspect the problem until my two year old was getting bug bites over night. my point is costumer support failed and he is still selling items out of an infested over packed storage unit.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1195087

shouldn't blame the sight u should blame your self u are responsible for what u buy u inspect 100%before u take it so just don't use it but I'm sure u still do jaja so just stick w your craigslist since you think that inspected craigslist totally sucks

to Anonymous San Bernardino, California, United States #1202412

Offerup's Customer Support is NONEXISTENT. I would be angry as well if my baby was getting bit.

I'm sure the "Seller" knew what he was selling and his account should be banned. That's taking advantage of people and they're money, not to mention bed bugs will end up infesting your whole house! Offerup should most definitely intervene.

I'm getting tired of receiving no answers from them or help. Great idea of a site but HORRIBLE support.

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