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So the immediate responses seem to good to be true, well you know what they say! Here's the SCAM: they contact you via offerup saying to call or email their mother or father, cause they can't use offerup?!?

Ok then you get a response that they need to pay by check and to send your info and they'll send the check (due to traveling or work schedule they have to mail it and can't come drop it off) once it clears they'll pick up item. My first scammer wanted me to "immediately remove my item off LIST" they didn't even know the item or where it was listed! Also I never ever accept checks. I was pissed and wanted to respond to email, but my teen son said it was a roboletter they want to make sure email is active and get your info.

He said they're probably related to the Somali Prince that needs to send us $$$ - hahaha. But the minimum they can get is your email full address and full name -- that's enough to start a search get your social and open up credit accounts. Do NOT answer them other than directly through offerup and keep reporting and blocking.

I opened my account yesterday evening and have gotten six of these emails thus far. Good luck and be vigilant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just saw your review. Got one of those today and sent my info. What should I do?


Thank you for your review


So I sold this teenage girl a phone. And she said that her sim isn't working so she only gave me $100 and promise to pay the rest when it starts working again.

So weeks go by and she still hasn't payed the $80. Now she's claiming the phone is broken. But I saw her using it on instagram. So I told her.

And she said she fixed it herself.

But still will not proceed to pay the rest. So what do I do?


Talk to her parents? You know the girl, right? You didn't just give someone you don't know a buy now - pay later deal without getting any information about her or having her sign a contract, did you?


I got one of those today.. smh some people are horrible.