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Bull bull bull,asked the person to meet me in person,said "she" was in idaho (dr.on a military base) reason for selling so cheap is "she"was leaving the country for a year and didn't want to leave it in storage,said "she" was part of the ebay buyers protection plan and asked for my info,(f-that)i did a little research,not good,look up ebay protection sceam,so then i told her that my cousin lived near her willing to check it out for me and give "her" cash and "she" never replied."she almost had me,dont let them get you....

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Had the exact situation come up on Recycler. I reported it and learned, again, that if it seems too good to be true..

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1195646

I just saw a 2004 acura ver nice.They are selling for 1k .i asked why.

She said husband died 4months ago.

Dont wana pay storage and insurance and in military...going out the country.Smh.i think its a scam.

South Windsor, Connecticut, United States #1178798

I am so glad I read this! I got an extremely similar message about a Range Rover I really wanted:( I will not be having any further conversation with this woman

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