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Just awhile ago I went to meet up a buyer of iphone 6 which was supposedly my gift for my brother. Didn't know the seller was teenager and he came with a friend.

He then asked me to meet him in a church. He handed me the phone and so I handed him the money. He asked the phone from me again as he was to unlock it when suddenly both of them ran away with my money and the phone. Went home with nothing but anger and disappointment.

Felt so helpless making a very huge mistake.

That is the seller and the phone he was selling. I do hope offer up can help me trace where is that *** living.

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They won't help you at all. Same thing happened to me.

They said they had to respect their users privacy. It's hard to file a police report when you don't have any information and they won't give it to you.

to Anonymous #1414703

They told you to meet in church cause there are no cameras installed i sold couple things but i get fake offers everyday I thought it’s just me

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1240435

Lol, you dun goofed. Never hand over money before completely inspecting and verifying the product you're buying.

In fact, I recommend not buying used iPhones in general unless it's through a service that has your back in case the item isn't as described. iPhone can often be reported ad lost/stolen shortly after being sold off by the thief/finder and then your new phone suddenly is locked permanently, or it can still have payments from the carrier and when the person who sold it to you stops paying, you now have a device blacklisted on that network.

Stay away from local sales of iPhones form Craigslist and the like!

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #1237469

Don't be helpless. Make a new account on Offerup, send them a message under a different name, telling them that you are interested in buying their phone.

Meet up again, bring several friends with you, either you intimidate them to give your money back, or find out where he has parked his car and write down their licence plate. You can take it a step further and follow them back to where they live, if you have the time to do that.

to Anonymous #1423947

Get some balls, learn to stick up for yourself, and start beating people’s *** and things like this won’t happen to you in life.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1236861

Why would you give a complete stranger your money, then give the phone you just bought back to them? Regardless of it needing to be unlocked.

You should of verified it was working and unlocked before you gave up your money.

If didn't know what unlocking is, you should have researched the product thoroughly before you decided to buy it from a private party. So you would know what you were getting into.

Complete strangers can seldom be trusted, especially teenagers. It sounds like you are ***-ed out on this one.

to Anonymous #1402518

In the future, meet the seller at one of the phone carrier stores and have them check the phone out. This is your best bet.

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