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I started using offer up today and did receive immediate responses (within 5m)from people stating they wanted to buy some of the items I posted. When I responded that I accepted their offer and asked for a day and time to meet to complete the purchase there was no additional response from the buyer.This raises the business has a major issue red flag,

My opinion is either the company is sending out fake buy offers to selling posts, which I hope is not the case or the they are attracting not the type of people they want to to their site.

If they are as smart as they seem to be I think they should put in an app where if you commit to buy 3 times and then do not make the purchase the app disappears from your device.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of seem to have fake buyers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "fake buyers per my post" of offerup mobile application. Offerup needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Fake buyers for sure. FOR FREE I had two nice antique twin bed frames with headboards.

Numerous people responded but never showed up to get them. Phishing of some sort for sure.


I posted an item and immediately rec'd three responses asking me to email information to their "mom". What is up with THAT?


I think my situation is worse. They will actually come up with places to meet at and then nothing.

Offer up may be hiring people who are familiar with the areas and leading people on as if they will buy then nothing. This happened numerous amount of times.

In the flip side I have made a 2 sells. I guess the fake buyers come with the territory.


Same here. An offer was made, I responded within minutes and no more response.

Tried several times over days to find out if she still interested, nothing. "Fake buyer" come to mind!Since buyers know geographical location of sellers, can sellers find out location of buyers?


I totally agree with you .

Fake app. Beware


Same issue here....1 post with over 20 buyers. I just said yes to all offers to see what would happen and of course NOTHING. Offer up and the fake buyers is all a scam.


This is absolutely happening after responding a lot of nonsense questions to a supposedly offer and saying that I didn't have time for fakes offers the person wrote he wanted to buy the item and gave me a fake phone number which was my exact date of birth.

Upton, Massachusetts, United States #1347657

Same here! It sucks!


This is ABSOLUTELY happening. I tested this in a way that OfferUP cannot detect.

OfferUP is scamming users by generating fake interest through fake replies.

Your hunch is correct. This company should be investigated by the FCC for carrying out fraudulent business activities over cell networks.

to JC #1392672

This is crazy. Yes, I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve beeb trying to sell a bed and literally every person who says they want to buy suddenly stops responding when i try to schedule a date and time to meet


I agree. This has happened to me over 300 times in 2 weeks for only two items I am trying to sell.

Not 1 serious buyer.

All seem to be fake users. This app is actually just wasting my time.

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1236844

totally agree. the premium posts (posts you pay for to have appear at the top or more frequently) get dozens of responses with all no shows. huge waste of time and effort

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1183588

Take some time and give Offer Up a break. You are dealing with local consumers.

Other Up gives great details on how to buy, sell, and most impressed A NO COST FORUM to sell your items locally.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1178918

This has happened to me every single time I put something on offers up. I have yet to sell one single thing even though i have had multiple offers and have accepted pretty much every one

to Anonymous #1371969

Same here and everytime you take they're all offers they always come up with another excuse either time or distance or the item is whatever but the end results are always the same not buying just a lot of texting questions and all the stuff

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