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You can contact Offer up via twitter and get a response, they will ask you to Direct Message them on their twitter page or send and email to: support@offerup.com I've had responses from twitter but no response for my email. I'm assuming I won't get my account back but no big deal.

I've tried a new account, email, resetting my phone, fake GPS, etc, they don't work! The ONLY fool proof way to get back on Offer Up is to get a NEW cellphone & service ! Set up a new email & offer up account and sign on with your new cellphone! That's it!

Many people may think getting a new phone and service is a waste of money, but if you are one of the few people that actually DO make a lot of money off Offer up then a $40 a month fee (or less depending on where you get it from ) or even a second additional line on your existing cell service is worth it. I had 1 account with over 150+ items for sale, 87+ 5 star reviews & 100+ followers so getting back on is worth it for me. I got greedy and recently setup an additional account that's, where I screwed up! I was just banned a few days ago and now, I'm back online again!

PS: once you're back on again, keep just 1 offer up account! Good luck everyone!

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Im so Fed up with Offer up,, I was 5 star rated over 100 transactions and got banned WTH. Any account I create doesnt work,, nothing I post is seen no messages i send go out..

THe problem is I bought alot on the platform as well.. So check this out.. I had a completely new phone on a different carrier etc.. created an account with that..

did everything through the SPRINT LTE never connecting to WIFI.. and the same thing happens..

nothing I post shows up... So how did this happen when in reality I just got a new phone with different everything and its still not working...>>>>>??????


Dont listin to this review all those methods are crap theres only one full proof 100% no root no gps no account or von finagling its easy and with a programmers mind the ffact is offer up has no chance of preventing people truly able to bypass there security its the fact that they burn the phone it is burnt on the imie the ens and imid you have to actually change that and the mac rooting is completly unessisary i wont be the first to pop the bubble but i sell unbans garanteed working

to Anonymous #1591654

How can I get ur services I need help with getting back up . Thanks My email is chrisoliva26@gmail.com contact me !

to Chris 11 #1598570

You can contact me if youd like at {{Redacted}}

to Anonymous #1603804

Ghostmanagement100@gmail.com hit me up I need help to get back on offerup So before reading into all this I tried making a new email and got a new phone number to verify account with but created the New Account on my Phone that was banned and my posts didn’t seem to be active so I read u needed a new device I got a new device and put in the email of the new Account and verified with the new Phone but my account still don’t work, did I just burn the new device ? I need help bro I got a new device and

to Johnnycash #1633197

Yes u did


ok ill try it thank you


Hey I got banned and made a new account and got banned again! My advice is don’t pay for promotions if you have been banned!

If you get a new device and new account new number do not get promotions! Keep it simple no ads with editing, and don’t repeat your posts just archive and post a new one, follow their guidelines 100% .

Trust me doing this you will be able to be on offer up again with out getting caught. Now if you do one of these things or break any of their rules even the smallest rule you get flagged


Offer up the guy Charlie he needs to stop accusing people of *** that they didn't do and just because some one uses a number for a message number they automatically close the account this is *** and I'm filing a lawsuit


I Have had my OfferUp account for about three years. I have perfect feedback and Emma true you member.

Although it’s for you status I don’t think helps really hinders at all. I dropped my phone that I initially used to set up my account in a river. I needed to feel really badly and was able to actually purchase one off of OfferUp for $25 because the seller said that it would not stay on it would lose powerAt any given time. I figured since I was out of a phone I needed something in the meantime and that might work.

We bought the phone and without even testing it took it over to the mall to have it tested. Oddly the guy there said he couldn’t fix it. When I got it it did power on and all I did was updated with the latest software. Don’t know how or why but it started working it never turned off once.

But that is around the time that I got banned from OfferUp. We realize the phone was actually locked we contacted the seller and she said that she would contact her girlfriends boyfriend to have it unlocked. I was able to access the email from that actual phone and contacted him I never received a response. Could that be why I was bad.

I have never done anything illegal. Could not purchase be what got me banned?

to Dee #1410892

Sorry everyone—I used voice to text and ended up sounding ridiculous.

to Dee #1560224

The exact same thing happened to me I bought a used phone on offer up and soon after I started using offer up from that phone I was blocked.

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States #1265633

This is their phone number probably won't answer back but maybe if people start calling them they will stop with this arrogant handling of their customers.

844-633-3787 press 0 and leave a message

to Bcmpatriot #1348294

called the number and no answer but it seems like the extensions can be accessed I hit 5721 for fun and it was a good extension.

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