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I've been using the "Offer Up" website (AP) now for about 3 months. I've decided after this time period that IT JUST ISN'T WORTH THE AGRRAVATION!

You post items ont this site and it seems easy enough, then you begin to get numerous ridiculous offers on your items (usually less than half your asking price is standard). When you politely decline these ridiculous offers, people begin to send you rude messages telling you how worthless you item is AND THEN, they start to "stalk you" by making absolutely ridiculous offers on EVERYTHING ELSE you have listed for sale. YES, these people can see everything you're selling and because their pissed off you won't sell your item for pennies on the dollar, they start offering pennies for all the rest of your things. Also, you list your item, people make offers (sometimes they are acceptable) AND THEN after you reply back telling them you will accept their offer, you never hear from them again.

Or they ask you a question about your item, you answer the question quicker like they suggest and then "no other response." There's ABSOLUTELY NO recourse for people placing a bid and not following through. Nothing, Zip, Nodda, just more frustration. When you complain that someone is harassing you, you can jump through hoops to get that person blocked, but it's sooooo easy to re-register the harassment continues until you get fed up and remove the item. Management will quickly send you an apology email ( Don't expect a personal email, it computer generized) that says the EXACT SAME THING EVERYTIME!!

My advise in this site: If you are going to consider using this site, understand this site is basically like throwing your stuff out on the driveway for a yard sale and just taking pennies to get rid of it.

You WILL NEVER GET what something is worth, NEVER!!

So I'm fed up after 2-3 months and I'm sticking with craigslist. Sure there's a chance you will get "robbed or carjacked", but that's a small price to pay to keep from being harassed and low balled by using "offer up."

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm find people answer within 15min of my posting and then nothing. They want me to drive it to them!

I don't think so. I put my ad in yesterday and have had 5 bogus hits.

That's enough for me. Back to CL.



SENDS YOU EMAILS FOR YOUR OPINION OF THEIR SITE/CUSTOMER SERVICE,THEN THREATEN TO BAN YOU INDEFINITELY!-- if you send them an unhappy comment! Some users are shady (gave me counterfeit bills) & Not trustworthy! Beware!

I started using ☆5miles☆ And they've been great! :) Best of luck to you all!


I totally agree. I've also decided it's not worth it.

I've chosen to donate my items to the VETS and Salvation Army and get an excellent return on my taxes. No hassle...no frustration from people who either want to literally scam you out of your items or take it from you for nothing. I was selling a girl's bedroom set in excellent condition currently in the Ashley Home Store for over a thousand dollars...on sale no less for $250. I was getting CRAZY offers for $100.

Although, I directed them to the Ashley website to see for themselves the great deal.

I'm done. My patience expired after 2 weeks!

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1314012

I have used it now 3 times in last 6 months and have had same issue. I will not use it ant more


Offer up is ridiculous. Who are these pple that respond to my ad?

They want everything for nothing, they reply 3 days later to an email and they want to meet me FAR AWAY from my zipcode. Are these kids that are bored?

What is this? It's too weird.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1288752

I had this same problem, one even wanted me to drive to dallas from ft worth for a $10 item, not worth my time for $10 is what i told her, plus the gas i'd use! The people are totally rude.

I just sent 4 requests out yesterday about mannequins, do you think anyone answered me?

Absolutely NOT. Staying with Craigslist and eBay

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #1274838

I just ignore the *** lowballs. 90% of the time they dont even read the description or are not even serious.

If your not getying replies, stop offering some *** low price or s worthless trade.

Nothing will ever be cheap enough for a cheapass. Remember that

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1254968

I don't mind a little negotiation. In fact I expect it.

What gets me is the no shows. They spend time messaging back and forth, agree on a price, time, meeting place and then, nothing. It happens so much more often on here than on CL.

In fact, I don't think I've ever had a no show on Craig's list. Thankfully, I haven't been carjacked or robbed either.

Miami, Florida, United States #1253175

People think this site is to get things for free I posted things on here at a reasonable price I don't mind if people low ball me but they want stuff for "free" So if your selling a slightly used couch for a few hundred expect someone to offer you 5 bucks for it.

Biola, California, United States #1235360

Lmao...no one is forcing you to sell your *** for pennies on the dollar. All you have to do is say no..you sound like a crazy greedy psycho.

Louisburg, North Carolina, United States #1230708

I hate offerup. I keep trying to buy things on it, and the darned sellers never, ever manage to arrange to sell them to me! I am so done with it.

to Anonymous Montclair, California, United States #1248542

Same thing here. Seems like 75% of sellers don't respond to my inquiries about their items. Total bummer to finally find what you want, but then you can only sit there and stare at it on screen because the seller never replies.

Miami, Florida, United States #1229253

I hate offer up so much I told them so...they blocked my IP and 8 accounts..

Duarte, California, United States #1220498

Every *** in the world is selling junk on OfferUp and they don't even know how to price it because they're ***

Miami, Florida, United States #1218725

Raleigh boyz hates offer up but we get payback on the rude buyers..we will post items and fall for the low offer we have the lowballer go to places with a public webcam and make them wait while we watch them get so frustraited

Elburn, Illinois, United States #1218120

Then don't use it and don't see your stuff for that cheap if you don't want to. Everyone's looking for a good deal.

I've had people offer me something, then someone else offers me more and I of course go with the higher price. Then the other person gets mad and threatens to report me, calls me names. It's stuoid and childish. But I expect it.

Just trying to get rid of things while making some extra cash. If someone really wants that product then they should go buy it for the full price or give a reasonable offer.

Tomball, Texas, United States #1192912

It's no better on Craigslist so going back there will not change anything. I've been using Craigslist for over a decade.

It's going to be the same thing on whichever new one pops up too. You just have to deal with it. Also, if someone sends you a message asking "Is it still available?" then 8 out of 10 times someone's phishing for an email that is actually being used and not old and abandoned. Craigslist is really bad with that.

Again, not much you can do.

You have to take all the *** in order to sell stuff. You will get the low-ball offers on Craigslist EXACTLY the same as you describe with OfferUpNow

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #1218726

The Raleigh boyz control CL


The frustrating thing about this, and other sites like offerup is when someone says they are interested, makes a reasonable offer that you accept, and then nothing. They never bother to contact you again.

And if you message them to see if they're still interested, they won't respond. Hey, I get it, people have the right to change their minds but what's so hard about simply saying so? I believe that 99% of the offers I get are bogus so I've simply started blocking and reporting them.

Extreme? Nah...my time is simply worth more.

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #1268498

OMG I totally agree with you. I just started wondering why so many people pretended like they would buy, arranged the date and time, and nothing.

Then I was searching there were such kind of people who play this game. I was right!!!

I don't get these kind of people. They are too bored and nothing else better to do?

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