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Im having the same issue. I can send offers as well but the recipient never gets them.

It shows up to others that I have no offers as well. When I directly sent the link to a friend and she tried replying and making an offer, she got a message saying "this user may have violate our policies and has been removed from offer up." WHAT?!

Ive NEVER violated any type of rule EVER with them. Ive gotten no reply from them either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

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Selling formula is FRAUD so of course they banned you.I just wished they would banned every person that has posted formula and forward thier name, email and personal info it the WIC offices and police department before they ban them! That would be the perfect solution.It’s a miraculously insane how many people do illegal stuff meanwhile they have a pic of themselves, verified through tru you and Facebook. Yet posting illegal items???I wish OfferUp and every app would automatically forward all illegal and fraud post direct to a police task force that deals with fraud!


Offerup has closed my account for violation of policy. They do not have the {{Redacted}} to say what policy was violated and do not answer my emails to anyone else's emails.

Use letgo, craigslist, facebook marketplace, eBay, etc.... It is only a matter of time before offerup gets shut down and on the news.

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