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so out of nowhere I stopped getting any notifications on my offerup. I can message people but they clearly are not getting them.

I can post things but they cannot be viewed by anyone. I checked all my phone settings and everything is fine. I even deleted the app, re-downloaded it, created a new account and same thing is happening. When I post, search, etc.

everything seems normal like it always has--just not getting notifications, and clearly no one is seeing any of my ads. Of course I send OfferUp Tech support a message seeking help but that has obviously fallen on deaf ears.

Anyone experience this problem?? Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have the same problem I post on OfferUp no one can see my post or receive notifications I deleted the app and downloaded it again and same problem send my wife notifications to her phone and nothing happens am done it doesn’t work I even changed the email address and nothing same problem


I have the exact same problem. No one is viewing my items nor contacting me.


doesn’t work


I’m having the same problem wth I love this app and I can’t even shop! How rude!


I'm having same problem.

@Friends on

im having the same freaking issues as well..when i try to buy something and i cant even place an offer. when i hit make offer the screen comes back to me like i didnt make the offer..

What the heck is this about.. have we been black listed and has offer up put us i a do not reply to, to sellers. i have purchased guitars and musical equipment and many other things like harmonicas and the last time i bought something i complained to the offer up people because i got a bad item which was not as described and i demanded a full refund back.. i have gotten scammed 3 times over the last 2 months and im now betting that after i demanded a full refund back i got black listed from the offer up people who ever is in charge..

its impossible to talk to anyone about that..

so i'll just use my best friends computer and place bids on his computer and see what happens..has any one asked for refunds lately i bet thats why im unable to place an offer now..i have been a good seller and buyer but when i get something that was not as described yes i get mad about it and yes i complain and who doesnt.. offer up is doing this..its not a glitch..its them


Its offer up. They try and say my daughter shoes are fake but there grade school jordans which come in rare color way.

I explained . But they said they have offical ppl who determine if fake or not. I told them that they dumb and need knew workers cuz these are real. They few days later no views nor messages or replies.

Smh. Offer up is trash


Me IDK why


This is crazy I really thought I was the only 1 going thru this Offerup stopped working 2-3 weeks ago like wtf are we serious no notification sounds I post don’t see my item this *** is bananas


Offerup sucks!!!!


Yesss !!! Because that’s how I was making fast money and all of a sudden they banned me idk if it was because a hating person or what! But I’m mad so I’m guessing I need a new phone to start over?


Why did i get banned


just use a friends computer because you try to start over new they have your email address and know if you are trying to start with a new profile.. the least they could do is to explain to us whats going on instead of the silent treatment.. this is pure BS


Same here, whats the deal with offerup right now.


Same exact problem for the last four days ..I can post and view but no one can see my posts or receive my messages


I can't see my messages does anyone know why?


I've been having the same issue. It began right after I gave OfferUp a poor review on Google Play Store because I have to update it 3 times a week or it won't even work.

Ever since my messages seem to go into limbo. I even messaged my son's account and he confirmed that he did not receive my message even though it shows as "sent".

Tried writing OfferUp tech support and nothing. Deleted and created a new account and still no messages.


Dont use your same email address because they know it and you can create all the profiles you want but if they are linked to your current email address they wont let them go thru..they are punishing us ...


Same problem July 8,2018 been happening for a few months


Same problem !!!