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so out of nowhere I stopped getting any notifications on my offerup.I can message people but they clearly are not getting them.

I can post things but they cannot be viewed by anyone. I checked all my phone settings and everything is fine. I even deleted the app, re-downloaded it, created a new account and same thing is happening. When I post, search, etc.

everything seems normal like it always has--just not getting notifications, and clearly no one is seeing any of my ads. Of course I send OfferUp Tech support a message seeking help but that has obviously fallen on deaf ears.

Anyone experience this problem??Thanks!

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Yes I'm having the same issue.


I’m experiecing the exact same thing.Deleted and reinstalled the app.

Still no fix.Any solutions

to Anonymous #1414648

I’m having the same problem


Same here.I deleted and reinstalled.

And still not working.Searched with a friends and can't even find myself or items for sale.


I'm also having problem with OfferUp notifications.I continue to get their push notifications that are irrelevant to any of the items I'm selling or have saved.

But I don't get any notifications for messages or anything relevant to the items I'm trying to sell!I've also checked my settings and don't know what changed because I used to get the notices I needed and don't anymore.

to Taylor #1414996

Sounds exactly like what happened to us! We have iPhones & iPads & it was the fact that we hadn't updated APPLES latest version-

After we did that, all is well


Glad to know I’m not the only one

However I’m upset cause I️ had arrangements to pick up items and I️ cant message them

What the *** is really going on

I’m thinking cause I️ haven’t sent pic of my I️.d but have any of you done so?


I haven’t gotten notifications in months. I do get notifications from them telling me when a friend of mine joins OfferUp


Good to know I'm not the only one. I've emailed "tech support" they're not much of a support.


I bought an iPhone on offer up and I logged into it with offer up acct.Apparently that phone was reported through offerup and every account you log in you will get it blocked.

I was upset as well. What to do.

First fully reset your phone. Download offerup and create a new account.

Do NOT use any of the prior accounts.If you do it will block it again.

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