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so out of nowhere I stopped getting any notifications on my offerup. I can message people but they clearly are not getting them.

I can post things but they cannot be viewed by anyone. I checked all my phone settings and everything is fine. I even deleted the app, re-downloaded it, created a new account and same thing is happening. When I post, search, etc.

everything seems normal like it always has--just not getting notifications, and clearly no one is seeing any of my ads. Of course I send OfferUp Tech support a message seeking help but that has obviously fallen on deaf ears.

Anyone experience this problem?? Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Feb 18, 2017.
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I'm having same problem.


Me IDK why


This is crazy I really thought I was the only 1 going thru this Offerup stopped working 2-3 weeks ago like wtf are we serious no notification sounds I post don’t see my item this *** is bananas


Offerup sucks!!!!


Yesss !!! Because that’s how I was making fast money and all of a sudden they banned me idk if it was because a hating person or what! But I’m mad so I’m guessing I need a new phone to start over?

to Dazii #1599786

Why did i get banned


Same here, whats the deal with offerup right now.


Same exact problem for the last four days ..I can post and view but no one can see my posts or receive my messages


I can't see my messages does anyone know why?


I've been having the same issue. It began right after I gave OfferUp a poor review on Google Play Store because I have to update it 3 times a week or it won't even work.

Ever since my messages seem to go into limbo. I even messaged my son's account and he confirmed that he did not receive my message even though it shows as "sent".

Tried writing OfferUp tech support and nothing. Deleted and created a new account and still no messages.


Same problem July 8,2018 been happening for a few months


Same problem !!!


Yes me too


What is a soft block on offer up?


They blocked you. You guys did something that was against their terms.

.maybe you made a enemy and they reported you so much that offer up but you on ghost mode.

Or maybe you took a picture of drugs and offer up decided you shouldn't be allowed on their site anymore. Whatever the case is just reset your phone...yes that means everything will be gone if you don't back up.


Call 844 633 3787Leave them a message!If everyone deltes the app it will force them to close up shop!


I am experiencing the same exact thing!


Im experiencing same problem and cant find a solution settings on phone isn't a problem and offerup "experts" arent being anyhelp


they keep deleting my offer from my offers category i tried evrything it seems to be a failure on their part other items are similar yet mine wont post ive noticed first the pics were dissapearing from 5 to one now i cant post the item in a few seconds it too vanishes


same problem

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