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so out of nowhere I stopped getting any notifications on my offerup. I can message people but they clearly are not getting them.

I can post things but they cannot be viewed by anyone. I checked all my phone settings and everything is fine. I even deleted the app, re-downloaded it, created a new account and same thing is happening. When I post, search, etc.

everything seems normal like it always has--just not getting notifications, and clearly no one is seeing any of my ads. Of course I send OfferUp Tech support a message seeking help but that has obviously fallen on deaf ears.

Anyone experience this problem?? Thanks!

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Same problem !!!


Yes me too


What is a soft block on offer up?


They blocked you. You guys did something that was against their terms.

.maybe you made a enemy and they reported you so much that offer up but you on ghost mode.

Or maybe you took a picture of drugs and offer up decided you shouldn't be allowed on their site anymore. Whatever the case is just reset your phone...yes that means everything will be gone if you don't back up.


Call 844 633 3787Leave them a message!If everyone deltes the app it will force them to close up shop!


I am experiencing the same exact thing!


Im experiencing same problem and cant find a solution settings on phone isn't a problem and offerup "experts" arent being anyhelp


they keep deleting my offer from my offers category i tried evrything it seems to be a failure on their part other items are similar yet mine wont post ive noticed first the pics were dissapearing from 5 to one now i cant post the item in a few seconds it too vanishes


same problem


Offer isn’t working


Offerup didnt deliver my messages,It keep saying error here...Please what can i do so that my message can deliver?

to Anonymous #1438212

I have the same issue


Yes I'm having the same problems !


I have a problem where it wont alert me when someone messages me, its very frustrating and i've lost a few buyers because of this problem.

to Anonymous #1439042

You might be blocked from Offerup in don’t even know what they don’t send in the messages they just block you if you have the sap and you been selling stuff and you’ve been complaining to Offerup about people trying to scam on you or if you visually see something on OfferUp and you complain to Offerup they will be angel they claim that they strictly go by the rules that’s a lie I was on there for 3 1/2 years just because I was complaining about these people selling these brand new cars for $1000 and it says I will not deal with not yet you could tell right there that’s a scam Offer Up lets them on there but then when you complete a report on Offer Up will block you


This is messing me up bad, i cant post anything, i cant communicate, i cant use the app on my phone and i had a good thing going for today that i cant make happen now. This offerup thing is broken again!!!


Yes Im having the same issue QAQ The worst part is ppl are messaging me but I'm not getting their notifications so I'm missing in making money!!!


The same thing was happening to me I couldn't post anything for sale it would say it posted it but it wouldn't come up on the search and I couldn't receive or send messages to anyone, it would say at first mssg sent but they would never get it. But I think I found the solution for this after doing this it started working for me again, so here's what you got to do, you got to go on their Facebook page and write to them a direct message and tell them what's wrong with your account and then they'll reply back to you shortly after and ask you for your email that you used on your account and that someone from customer care is going to check it out for you and will be in contact with you shortly. Shortly after they'll should reply once again and say what was the problem and if it was solved, for me they wrote back saying that it appeared that a technical issue caused my account to enter a locked state and that they have made some changes that had resolved the issue and right after receiving that message I started getting all the notifications and messages from people I had written to, hopefully this helps you out like it helped me.


You got banned offer up doesn't out right block users it does what is called ghosting your account. This is done for violations of their "community guidelines" so it could be something like selling something illegal or telling someone to meet you somewhere or never showing up. If this has happened to you your pretty much screwed cause they block not only your IP but also the phone number associated with it as well as even your GPS location


same issue no solution yet

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