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I have been on Offerup since 8-14. Loved the sight.

Yes people would flake, lie and low ball you. But that is par for the course. You get so many views and can literally post something and have a buyer message you and buy your item all within an hour. My problem is that all of a sudden I stopped getting messages and calls.

I have a large following so I messaged one of them and they sent me a screen shot showing I have no offers. I thought no something is off, I can see all of my posts. So I tried to search for one of my items and it didn't show up. I read all of the help articles turned off my phone, logged out of the app, everything it said and more.

I was panicked because this is my life, I buy auctions and sell them. That's how I take care of my kids. I emailed offer up on Saturday today is Wednesday, Nothing! I emailed them from another account I tried to make nothing.

And the other account wont post either. I found this site and saw that it is happening to other people. Why are we being singled out? Because we didn't pay $1.99 to boost an item?

This is horrible.

I don't know what to do. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Please allow me to post and have the post be seen!.

I liked: Ease of use.

I didn't like: That it stopped working-and no help.

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I too am receiving no views on my items. I listed the same ones on a competitor and received offers within a couple of hours and also many views.

Offer up wanted me to become a verified Tru You user which I did. Still will not return email or resolve problem.

My next request is to delete my account. Problem solved.


I also got no response when I sent emails for the same problem and I too, use this platform to support my household by buying lots and reselling items. I saw where they have been responding on Twitter so I just sent them a dm, hopefully they answer. Try reaching them on Twitter.


Yep. They banned me for no reason too.

5 stars. Letgo is it now


This is happening with me . Did you solved it ?


Greedy people. I notice they started using AdSense six months ago looks like that recently got approved and now Google puts ads they make money on which is hundreds of thousands a day from as many members they have now.

They even got a taste of a little money now they add this BUMP stuff and they make even more which if one million bump something they make two mill per day just goes to show u that all a bunch of greedy ***** if someone can help program I will create the next site with a partner and never charge no one nothing just income from AdSense would be enough . I sell cars and my views in last four days everything I post nothing no views I'm over it.

And for the people out there that ever think u can't be *** any dumb a can hit html reader and read any site and have anyone's stuff any time they going to have to Bitcoin everything to stop that ever. I'm over this site no one contacts u back and they getting richer now I went on Craigslist and he charging for everything he didn't use to like service offered any kind of job posting to help people f em all


I got email yesterday. Seems they want to connect bank to everyones acct like paypal and ebay perhaps.

But Offer up received money and does not give it to you ubless customer satisfied. 3 Day hold up to 5 days!!! Then they trans to your bank! NOW WHO WANTS TO TRUST THEM TO HANDLE YOUR MONEY??They block your views and no communication.

Can you trust this site with your money! Working for customers not sellers!

to HOLLY #1494950

Don't trust that *** That's new. They didn't have that before.

First of all why do they need your bank information if you're negotiating locally. Common sense identity theft and bank account hacking.

to HOLLY #1573466

I trust offerup more than I would trust you or any other random seller. Sites like ebay and offerup absolutely need some kind of arbitration, which can only happen if they have some control over money.

Both sellers and buyers lie. I've probably had to invoke buyer protection on 30-40% of my purchases via shipping because the sellers were liars and intentionally misrepresented what they were selling. Additionally offerup doesn't have a choice.

There are buyer protection laws with Credit Cards and chargebacks. If offerup didn't hold funds they would loose so much money from legit chargebacks.

to FoamyPigeon #1573524

I see your trolling for OfferUP today. If your legit You’ll get banned soon enough.

Mark my words! 40% return rate...wow.


Me too would love it resolved! Seems someone has broken into office and took hostages and the site is in limbo!!!!I am getting scam emails from someone saying ansering my ques about bank but I sent no question.

And someone posted 30 motorcycle ads and my phone blew up and I emailed to get it off my oage they cancelled me. The girl helping me had same name as the motorcycle ad!!I tell you they are in trouble somehow!!!


I'm going through the same problem. Forget about Offer Up and post on Craigslist.

Offer Up are scammers.

Now they are requiring to put your bank information. For what if you deal locally.


Past 2 weeks not a single message or any views on my multiple items posted.I only have one account, have only posted my items once and when I search for my items they also don’t show up.Pretty sad and I was using this app instead of craigslist but now have no choice but to use craigslist now

to Cheeva316 #1506497


to RitzyEskimoDog624 #1506498

It says that it was successful....never see image


Same for me it says that my stuff just wont load and my offers are gone and I had about 8 people texting me trying to buy my things when i woke up this morning but it wont let me see my messages or my account or anything I'm devastated because I need the money really badly

to Dakota #1495403

I have the same thing. Sometime shows error G0XO1XV8 whf is that??

Nobody's answer. I sens emails nothing!!!

I get costumers from here. Im start panicking!!


Same situation. Hope it gets fixed soon. I've tried everything and my post just won't appear.


I have noticed it has been happening to all 5 star sellers lately. Mine was deleted and banned yesterday.

Same type of thing you explained.. ghosted or banned or delted..Sounds like they want us ft sellers to pay the bump fees or get ghosted!Listing and selling within an hour though??

That’s a stretch. Unless you have mega electronics at rock bottom prices.

to Anonymous #1447554

Same thing happened to us. We've been on offerup for almost a year now.

All 5 star rating, great reviews and I've bumped twice.All at once, my account became INACTIVE. TRIED to contact offering, got one reply, then NOTHING...... THEY WONT FIX IT.... I also do this for a living, it's crushed my sales...

So for I've lost $3000. I am really pissed and they won't reactivate my account...Seems odd, that those of us who do really well are being singled out..

to Tonya Pease #1547687

my account was deactivated as well. i have 5 stars and over 200 transaction member since 2015 and i reached out and no one emails back.

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