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I have been using offerup since the beginning. I have bought and sold things and always enjoyed it.

Right up until the times they no longer allow my messages to go thru to people or any of my posts to actually get posted. They have done this 5o me at least 10 times!. All I get is an email saying I broke some rules.

I find that impossible. But u can forget trying to reach someone to explain this and give you more of an explanation on why they would do this that's never going to happen I have tried to reopen it with different email addresses it works for a minute and then they shut me back down it's absolutely ridiculous I've done nothing to break any rules all I do is purchase something or sell something and nothing more nothing less I don't try and do anything that's illegal or against the law in any way shape or form and I'm sure this email is a waste of time because nobody's going to get back to me anyways or Rectify it so I guess I will just discontinue using their services altogether I wish I could call the new station and report them though who is this person or machine that's pushing the button to decide who can and cannot use them and won't even explain to you why it's so frustrating I guess it just shows you what happens when you got a bunch of young people trying to run a company you have no clue what customer services is

User's recommendation: Need an actual customer service department.

Preferred solution: Let me use offer up.

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