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My account is hristina_dc@***.com and someone hacked it. He was posting car for sale from my name.

I caught him as I was able to see the conversation between him and the prospective buyers.

It is obviously a scam. I was able to be logged in at the same time as the hacker was so I let the prospective buyer this is a scam and not to give any personal information

The car post mysteriously disappeared and the next day my password was changed.

I was able to request change of password and I did so but this morning my password was changed again and this time I found out the hacker had changed my phone number to his so the activation code is sent to his phone

Please help me stop this dishonest and possibly harmful individual and close my account completely


The email for that account is hristina_dc@***.com

Please contact me there and f any questions.

Thank you in advance



Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

Location: Arlington, Virginia

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Same thing happens to mine feb 8th 2021. Car listed under my account is different cities and states


It seems like lots of hacked accounts on OfferUp. What's going on there?

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