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At offerup i arranged a meetup with seller at gallaria by seller,s meet up seller gave me laptop was powered off.but seller told that every thing is fine with i trust at seller and gave him $170.when i arrive home and after charging i see there is an microsoft account accosiate with laptop.i signed out and tried to log in with differant account but could not get a permission.that laptop is protected by another account.or may be is stolen.i tried to access seller and message to offerup byt have no reaponse yet.i got robbed.i have submitted laptop and seller,s picture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Laptop.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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How is OfferUp at fault for your inability to properly make a pre-inspection check of the laptop before handing over the money. You had the option to walk away from it.


OfferUP can't help you from being STUPID. You were given time to inspect the laptop and you should have made an informed by testing the laptop thoroughly, Offerup can't fix "stupid".