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For about a month I wasn't receiving Alerts messages I tried to contact people about something I wanted to buy, and nobody ever responded. I finally had a friend try to contact me through my profile and it was like forbidden. I don't know if somebody reported me for something I can't think of any reason why anybody would and I tried to resolve this problem with OfferUp through emails there's no number to call and nobody's ever gotten back to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

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I got it fixed, but I wasnt violating anything as far as I could tell. Some one could of reported me for something, but how is that fair if it's not true and we don't get any notice.

As far as we know everything is normal, then after a while of no response you figure out something is wrong. Since offer up customer service wasn't getti g back to me I had to post on Facebook asking if anyone else was having trouble. Then a friend of a friend who works there was kind to help me. But if people get blocked and don't know it, for whatever reason, not good business.

I did try to make another account, but you need different phone # too or it's block too.

Poor communication will *** off users and they will go else where. I like the app, but they need to notify people of complaints or if something is in violation, because it may not be, and just misunderstanding.

to Nat #1396914

Customer service costs LOTS of $$$$. Have you paid to use the service?

No, you have not, so why are you entitled to customer service if they have NOT made any money from you? Their banning/blocking system is rather clear.

IF someone reported you for a violation, it is not like they take the "word" of the user that reports you. They review your account history which is "black and white" and act accordingly.

to Anonymous #1397904

No I don't pay, but I do see a lot of add now on there, and if you have bad customer relations then people with find a different app to use, then no one will pay to put adds on offer up. I'm guessing you work for them.

And no I didn't violate anything. I'm just selling clothing, costumes and accessories. No {{Redacted}}, no weapons, no {{Redacted}}. Legitimate items.

So I think if a company wants to keep their 5 star rated customers they shouldn't just block people for no reason, with happened to me. Happened to many others I talked to.

I got it fixed via a friend of a friend who works there, and which I appreciated! But if you email customer service/tech support be nice to get a response back in a few days, didn't get any response for a month.


Offer up will not be in business for very long as it is run very poorly to say the least.


Currently, OfferUP makes it easy to make multiple accounts, so make another one. If it gets blocked again, then you will know that you are somehow violating their TOS agreement. They are not obligated to reach out to you, since you have not paid a cent to use their app.

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