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So I've been using offerup for about 6 or so months and just within the last month it has stopped allowing me to send or receive messages. I have made two or three different accounts yet they all do the same thing even after I verify the emails for each account.

It will let me search every type of item and find them and I can technically "send" a message but it does not send. I sent a message on the app to my friend but he did not receive it and still has not.

I just hope that they fix it. This has also happened to my fiance but not her mother or anyone else I know.

Reviewer is in happy mood. This person is quite happy with it when the app worked and stated that there is a room for improvement of that it started to screw up. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "the app worked flawlessly prior to this happening." of offerup mobile application. Offerup needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I'm having the same problem which just started today.. I clicked on the offerup icon see the green screen and then it closes out back to my home screen...

The only way to view messages is to login online and not go thru the app.. This is very annoying!

I hope someone is fixing this ??! I'm using an iPad so I don't know if it's just iPad users or what??

to Paula #1563009

so annoying and they are perhaps clueless because they advertise alot of it. talk about money out the window


I have deleted mine twice and readded. I still cant get into it.

I will click Icon and the page loads to green screen and then back to main screen. I logged in from internet and bypassed the app. Its working fine.

Must be App issue. Oh, and was the prior reviwer serious when he said "buy a new internet and a new phone and thats the only way to fix?" That is the dumbest thing i ever read


Today I could not open the app in my iPad neither. It open in my I phone 6,


Just like so many others, When I click on offer up Icon, it reverts back to icon. Cannot get items for sale to show up.

Had offer up for a few years with no problem.

Just purchased a bike from it two weeks ago. What can I do to have access again?

to Jeanette Bunn #1557830

Same here. I deleted it and reinstalled same problem


I am having the same problem with the app, I have 2 different transactions I am in the middle of replying to, then a minute later, the app keeps circling saying, I need internet access. Using for a few months, this has never happened, now when I have people interested, I am going to lose those sales, over $800, for what?

Offerup needs to work this out, I am going to PUBLICLY let everyone I can reach, that this app is not worth it, I lose over $800, are they going to refund that money to me? I put my items for sale, because I need the money, what a joke!

to cc61 #1555704

I am having the same darn problem!!!


Same thing here, OFFERUP just stop working locking me out of my account and my posted items(2000). Made a new account and same thing, posted 4 items and they never showed, 10 min later i was not even able to see the newsfeed.

Am i the only one with this issue or is it just me, i thought it was because i had so many ads but i see that other people have the same issue with not even that many ads.

Only thing that has me concern is that they have all of our information, even our Driver License. This sucks..


App is showing no items for sale within 30 miles of me. With Facebook Marketplace getting so popular, this could signal the end of OfferUp.


What the heck... I can't respond with a message to my buyers..

to Frankie #1545036

Offerup is down, I've been sending customer staff for weeks now, no response. The only email I've gotten was their staffs will look into it.

to Cutie #1560571



It does not work for me either. Says something like refresh or come back later...


Stopped working for everyone I know


If your offer up has stopped working where you can’t send messages or receive any messages the only thing that will work is to get a new Internet service cancel the one you have get a new one and a new phone just buy a cheap phone for OfferUp only like an iPhone 5 phone that is the only way it will work nothing else will work even if you get a new Internet use your own phone it’s still not gonna work cuz OfferUp knows it’s your old phone and it won’t let you use it. Trust me this was the only way I got OfferUp to work again nothing else worked no matter how many accounts you open it won’t work. So new internet new cheap phone then it will work.


My issue is, Ive got my location set and have a search area set at 30 miles. When I look at something and check the location, its showing me stuff half way across the state!

Ive reset using my GPS, and its showing my correct location by city,but its still showing me stuff 100+ miles away... Anybody?

to Anonymous #1551559

I have same issue I'm getting items in other states.


The app isn't showing me anything and keeps telling me to refresh my page. It's been 2 days now...

to Christy #1531559

Me too.

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