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So I've been using offerup for about 6 or so months and just within the last month it has stopped allowing me to send or receive messages. I have made two or three different accounts yet they all do the same thing even after I verify the emails for each account.

It will let me search every type of item and find them and I can technically "send" a message but it does not send. I sent a message on the app to my friend but he did not receive it and still has not.

I just hope that they fix it. This has also happened to my fiance but not her mother or anyone else I know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Mobile Application.

Reason of review: The app worked flawlessly prior to this happening..

I liked: It when the app worked.

I didn't like: That it started to screw up.

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I’m unable to search anything. I get a message that says: Please refresh search. We had trouble getting your items.


I'm in MI... local pickup is 6,000+ miles away?!!!!

And it includes every other state!!! Last week the messaging issue... i lost out on something expensive "new" i REALLY REALLY NEEDED for the wedding n coudn't it was here down the road at that 'discount' price. Now i can't distinguish what's where till i click?!!?

Uninstall reinstall doesn't work... combiation of that n restart on tablet doesn't work! I only buy so my heart REALLY goes out to you sellers. And unless your items are posted on other sites...

l'm outta here!! Maybe l'll try coming back in the futue...

WAY DISTANT FUTURE! Let Go doesn't work well for me but at least IT works.


I get notifications of people inquiring about my items for sale, but it doesn't let me respond or log in to see my items. I keep getting an offerup error code G0XO1VX8.

to drew #1593107

Had this happen to me last night. Try logging out and logging back in fixed my issue instantly.

to drew #1593179



Same here, I've been using it for 3 yrs and now my account is missing and I can't download the app even after starting over.


All of my items for sale just disappeared. All of my chat messages just disappeared.


11/04/18 So. Cali.

Same here, I'm unable to see any of my messages for the past few days! I also have a possibly buyer but not able to respond thru Offer Up.


I'm having a problem with this app as well. I have an item up for sale, and have people that are interested in purchasing, but it won't let me respond to them. I get this code is time I'm trying to reach a potential buyer I get thus error code GOXO1VX8.

to Jmarine #1592206

I thought it was my phones setting but seem like many of us are experiencing the same thing


I thought initially my buyer was being rude by sending 1 reply every 24 hours. Then realized this app no longer works.

Just curious.

Thank goodness all my funds from shipments deposited prior to this. Is anyone unable to cash out?


I get to post my items but I can’t receive any views and offers from people. Some said that it’ll take days but I’ve posted mine weeks ago and it’s still got no biews and offers! Offer up please fix this!


I am having the same issue and it’s very frustrating!! I can “send” a message or make an offer but the seller won’t receive my message and when I post an item it will say “0” views for days.

I tried making a new account and the same thing happened there. I reached out to customer service and they said they didn’t have any answers and were going to send it in as an escalated claim and then I never heard back.

Seriously annoyed, I’ve been a memebrt for a few years and this has never happened. If anyone figures out whgs going on please post it here:)


Mine sent me a message welcome to OfferUp and to register I've been a member for a couple of years. It will let me look at what is for sale and what I have for sale but it will show me notifications that I have messages and it will not bring them up. I can see them through my Gmail and I try to reply through that way and it shows I'm replying but they are not getting the messages

to Kara #1593378

Log out and log back in it'll fix your problem i just did it......

to Anonymous #1593834

driving me nuts. blocked no messages coming YES log in on the computer seemed to reset. Still not getting sound notifications


I cant open up the app to receive messages to read. Thank god for Let IT Go at least they don't have any problem with their site.


Offer up no working no recive or send message


I’m having the same issue, and have items I’m selling and buying but no messages are outgoing or incoming - I have been a member since 2016!!!!


my has been goofing for 2 months

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