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I saw a vehicle in your app so i decided to email the buyer I asked him to send me more information about the truck so he did send the pictures so I asked him how you going to deliver the truck to me.he told is going to send my information to ebay motors so I agree.after à few hours ebay motors call asking me to buy multiple ebay card $200 I didnt do it I found out its was a scammed the of the buyer is Raynolds Rayshonda the color of the truck is black exterior and beige interior Nissan Pathfinder year 2009

Price for the truck $ 800 I could send you a picture of the truck please send me a feedback.Im really concerned why you tolerate search of things to your business otherwise no boby will trust to anything anymore from OfferUp Letgo never had anything like that so let me know what is going ok thanks

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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