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I saw this advertisement and thought it would help me a lot if someone gave me their Macbook that they didnt want anymore. I had no problem paying for shipping.

I told them why I would benefit from the MacBook and they said they agreed to giving me it. They gave me their phone number so we could text off of the app. They then said that it would be $31 for shipping according to FedEx. They asked if I had cashapp and I said yes.

Their cashapp username was nothing like their name so I asked thats YOUR cashapp? And they confirmed that it was the right username. I was hesitant and sent it. I told them it was sent and then I asked for the tracking number.Then they said they would be going to FedEx and they would tell me when they were there.

They sent a gritty image that looked like they got it from google of a persons hand on the wheel and a fedex store in the background. I was shocked, I just got scammed. I asked for a refund and they immediately asked why.

They said the shipping was actuallly gonna cost $50 and I refused. I said, please give me a refund and I wont report you and they stopped responding to my messages.

User's recommendation: Do not believe anything is free.

Monetary Loss: $31.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

OfferUp Pros: Go-to app for buying and selling.

OfferUp Cons: Fake advertisement.

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