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I received an offer from someone named sindy gabriel or Mrs Sindy Gabriel who also emailed me outside of the OfferUp site.The items totaled 850.00 and he wanted to add $50 holding fee in addition. He sends me a certified check one for 2400.00.

I questioned him and he said to deduct what I owe him and send the rest via moneygram. I got suspicious and googled and deposit the cheque before shipping my item and found the account was freez. I contacted the police. I have the money but refuse to use it.

Chances are it will come back fraudulent and I'll owe the bank 2400!

Do not trust anyone who emails you outside the site. I'm terrified and a nervous wreck.Filing a police report

Reason of review: bad customer.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Siloam Springs, Arkansas, United States #1296321

a big scam..we just scam about 1600 a couple days ago..its too late..the bank just called as earlier today that the checked was a fraud..Karma will be back for them on the right time..


No need to be's a scam, notify authorities and move on. Or you can do what I do any mess with them!


I had a similar request. Item sold on craigslist to one person, after significant delays got an overnight envelope from a gas station for $1400 more than the price of the item, then a second person asks me to immediately cash the check and verify the next morning that it is my account so that he can pick up the goods, and also, send the remainder to Olufunke Williams via a walmart moneygram.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1272901

I had the same experience this week. Email was from "David Collins" ( and the overnight check was a fraudulent check drawn from Kovach Building Enclosures. I called them as soon as I got check to verify it, and they said it was a scam and someone also tried to buy a car with their checks.

They wanted the excess amount ($1,600) send via walmart2walmert to Olufunke Williams in Addison, TX.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1272190

FYI this is a common scam for any ad, be it newspaper, craigslist or any other site. They send a fake cashiers check, you deposit and refund the overage, and find out weeks later from your financial institute that it was bad and now you owe them the money back.

This has been around for at least 10 years that I know of. The only safe way to take money is as a Money Gram, in which they have to pay cash to the company sending it and then you get the cash in hand.

Best thing to do is tell them you don't take anything but cash, money orders, and paypal (with a hold if needed). If they are sending an overage, it's probably a scam.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1283701

Where can you report this type of scam. What will you do with the fake cashiers check.

to Anonymous Branson, Missouri, United States #1314325

There's nothing you can do, just know if you are selling something for d amount of dollars and the check is twice that amount, it's a scam. Not rocket science.

I can't believe anybody would fall for it. I have gotten so many in the mail, I play games with them, I tell them that I cashed the check and im keeping all of it, they get mad and tell me they are going to come and bring the police to my house, I ask them if they want me to wait for them to arrive.

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