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I had some jewelry for sale on offer up, somewhat expensive. I was contacted on the site by someone who said someone else was very interested and wanted to email me off site.

This was my 1st time using offer up so my awareness of the rules was lacking. #1 FOLLOW THE RULES OFFER UP PROVIDES. THEY PROTECT YOU. This person says her name Debora Gregary, offered me an an extra 100.00 to *** site and would send me a cashier check.

Then comes back to say the check would be for more then amount agreed upon to cover expenses of her "person" picking up and shipping items to her. At this point she has my name and address and I feel sick to my stomach for some reason. Luckily my son is a financial CEO for a large company so I mention it to him and he says its a scam Mom, don't do it and report it. I emailed the person and said the deal is off and lose my information.

2 weeks go by and today I receive by priority mail a cashier check for 2550.00. That is 10 times more than the item I was selling. I decide to call the bank it was drawn on, doesn't even exist! The scary thing is my bank would have held it for 2 days and funds would have been available to me, but it could have taken 2 WEEKS TO FIND OUT IT HAD NO BANK TO BE DRAWN FROM leaving me with the funds due.

Thanks to my son and intuition of something being TO GOOD TO BE TRUE it did not go that far. BUYER BEWARE AND INFORMED.

IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE THAN IT IS! And if you get scammed tell people about it.

This reviewer shared experience about "scam not involving offerup specifically, but a buyer" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Offerup. The most disappointing about offerup offerup buy sell offer up mobile application at Offerup was not being able to turn off notifcations and fake buyers not looking for buying used , but reviewer liked quick sell and great deals. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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silvsen1 just ran into Magnus Wenninger who wanted the furniture he was out town for a funeral and his son was buying it for his 65th Birthday and needed it for his home.


Thank you SO much for sharing this!!! I had a guy named David Allen or Anthony offer to pay an extra $25 to purchase my sons rims.

And his person would come get them or have them shipped.

He wants to send me a cashiers check and wants my info. I have not sent him anything and won't.


I'm now wondering if they intend to hijack our items for sale somehow. They're asking for a photo. Just curious why they'd need a photo.


I've just run into this today. I joined offer up yesterday.

I placed two items for sale. I was contacted by an offer up user who said, her uncle was very interested in my item and if I could please contact him via his email address if the item was still available. I sent this person an email and let him know the item was still available.Here's is the first response: I've deleted the email given as I've not proven it to be a scam yet."My uncle wants this, if you still have it available kindly send him the picture via xxxxxxxxxxxx on gmail or just notify him if its still up for grabs.Thanks”So I sent him an email letting him know the item is available. This is the response I received:"Great, all looks lovely ,i can have a cashiers check sent out for it from the office soonest as i'm currently out of town training new company recruits.

i'm having someone coordinate the picking of my stuff at storage and can have them send someone to come pick this up on my behalf. Let me have a name and address for the check, your cell and the final price, and please do take down the ad. The pickup will be scheduled for after you receive your funds. "I responded that I'll only accept cash and maybe if he could provide his phone number I could give him all of my details.

I've not yet heard back from either of them, it's only been a couple of hours, but I have alerted OfferUp to investigate. I am street smart so saw this quickly but my God, this is going to get so many people. I feel sorry for them and absolutely hate people who prey on people. Especially when, names, addresses and other info is so easily taken from them.

There has to be a better way of doing this.

Maybe PayPal only for sites like these. I don't know the answer but wanted to provide a live example of scam taking olace in real time.




Hello,Same thing happened to me wth. Darla Majka.

I.e. mailed and texted that fake person that I would not bedeposting the check and I went to the police.

I kept all emails and their fake offer up profile has been deactivated of course. So sad that there are so many pathetic liars.JM


yup!! Similar thinkg happened to me:


“Hello, I'd like to know if you still have this dress available for sale and in perfect condition , my aunt is interested in buying it and hopefully she can meet you up with cash later today.

Email her on woodwardkarolina@gmail.

com she will be awaiting your mail... Thanks”


I just had a similar situation happen to me! This was the first message yesterday...

“Hi, How are you doing?

Is your prom dress still available for sale and in perfect condition? My aunt is interested hopefully she can get it if you can meet her up in the day and exchange with cash please email her right now on woodwardkarolina@gmail. com... She will be waiting for your mail ”

I thought it was a little fishy, but still sent this person an email.

I finally received an email back from them a little while ago...

"Hello, Thanks for your response, as much as I would like to come and view/ pick it in person as i planned but I could not get to you earlier due to my work schedule, I just had a chance in my work schedule to read and reply your email but I believe am OK with the condition as seen on the advert as well as the price stated i am ready to make instant purchase with my mode of payment would being a Certified Check via USPS next day service. As soon as you receive the check, cash it, the package will be ship over to me I don't mind paying an additional $20 for it in order for you to take the AD down from offerup and also to be assured that it is already mine.Kindly get back to me with your Full Name, Full mailing Address, Cell Phone Number and Agreed price so as mail out the check to you immediately..I will be waiting for your respond.


Red flags immediately went up when they asked for my full name, mailing address and cell phone number! I am so happy that I researched it and found this forum.

I will definitely not be responding to this user. Thanks again!

to Anonymous #1338915

Wow, received the same exact proposal. Someone by the name of Sarah send me the message stating the exact word for word.

“Hi, How are you doing?

Is your prom dress still available for sale and in perfect condition? My aunt is interested hopefully she can get it if you can meet her up in the day and exchange with cash please email her right now on woodwardkarolina@gmail. com... After looking this up because I found it a bit fishy, I come across this website and BAMMMM...

its a scam. I emailed her sating that the dress was sold. Deal Off.

And blocked her. My advice, sell it in person cash in hand.

to Anonymous #1373596

I got the same thing, but I know better than to fall this ***:


“Hello , Is this dress still available for sale and in good condition , my aunt is interested in buying it and hopefully she can meet you up with cash later today. Kindly mail her on woodwardkarolina@gmail.

com she will be awaiting your mail asap... Thanks”

to Anonymous #1373001



I had the same experience this weekend. Offered to buy both products I was selling.

Totaling $475. I received a check today for $2350. Supposed to give the rest to his shipper. Needed to know if he could trust me and I needed to deposit the check immediately.

His name was Andy Rohrer. Beware.

to Anonymous #1342557

I have same situation, how do they benefit?


Hi, I just gave my personal details to the buyers assuming that he is genuine. Please let me know will there be any problem in future?

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1326231

Thanks to this posting, I avoided a very similar situation, also thru OfferUp. Initially, it Seemed harmless enough when the person asked me to send photos of the item to her home email address so husband could look at them.

It was a nice guitar amp, so I just figured it was for him. But soon after, an email about paying with a certified check, sending someone to pick it up, wanted my full mailing address, etc. came thru and luckily I did some searching and came across this post of your situation.

So I replied and said that i would pass on her offer, included a link to this article, and asked that she please not contact me again. Thank you so much for sharing your situation!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1314564

I got the same response on furniture and a cashier's check drawn on the M&T Bank of New York NY. Check written from over 2700 than the price on my furniture.

Did not cash it. Blocked guy from my gmail account.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1307839

Thank you! You saved us.

I just had the same exact thing happen and we didn't send personal info thanks to this. Thank you!

Florida, United States #1304589

Beware of This scam on Offer Up fake buyers On the prowl. They will get access to your bank account somehow.

They will ask to contact them via text, even provide number which is a violation of the offer up app. But this is what it will read like, more is less ....

Fake Buyer's text :

"I want to know why you are selling and the condition it is, My son is buying it for my 65th birthday, He will be using the services of a mover ... they will be there on next long haul to pick it up.

He will send a cashier check to cover the cost, please provide me with your

(1)Full mailing address

(2)Name to be on the check (3)Phone number (4)Final price so he can made out the payment check immediately and the final price.

Please do delete the ad,the pick up will be made after the check has cleared your bank. I will wait to read from you."

to Shijandai Houston, Texas, United States #1314237

This lady just said the same thing to me about an hour ago.... wants to pay $50 more if I delete the add, I'm thinking why don't you just buy a new doll???

Scam scam scam!! Thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the heads up. It just happened to me, in that the check, 2 weeks later, is drawn on Silicon Valley Bank, PITTSBURG PENNSYLVANIA, and the ABA (American Banking Association) number doesn't match, not to mention the Denali Therapeitica has the wrong steet address AND the check number printed on the cashiers check doesn't match the set of numbers along the bottom.

I'm receiving texts and a phone call from Texas and the fake check came from Rhode Island. Also the amount is $1,743.00 for merchandise sale of $55.00.

Crazy..... and not very sly

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