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There are postings to sell that are up and sometimes one-year-old!

I send messages sometimes up to 5 or more times only to not get any response or the little green check mark indicating that the message was read from the seller,

Ok so there is a little button to click "REPORT" to report to OfferUp that this posting is not answering or responding I do get what I think is an auto robot message thanking me for reporting,

feeling a little satisfied until weeks and months later that same unresponsive add remains on the posting site and nothing was done by OfferUp that totally irritates me old posting or offensive postings are not deleted

SO Craigs list is much better because the site will not let postings sit for months and if it is inappropriate the public yes you and me can "FLAG" that add and poof it is gone no clutter

Message to OfferUp Please clean up old non-responsive postings! For the life of me I do not understand why you do not take action UNLESS OF COURSE you do not want to delete that posting to give your site the appearance that there are more items for sale than Craig list?

Again OfferUp do all of us a favor and clean up the clutter,

User's recommendation: report dead and offensive adds including offensive pictures.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree 100%! It's driving me crazy trying to find recent listings for items I'm trying to find.

I just pulled up a dresser that was posted 2 year ago for cripes sake! If Craigslist can do it, then offerup can do it.

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