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I have three two or three email account well somehow or another I guess I link them together one time or only them I don't know but I'm a seller I don't buy stuff off of there before my stuff for me off of there so my card my account has the same account numbers and all that on both of my email addresses hey my address and my name and my birthday probably well for some reason they are not giving me $78 they owe me they have no customer service I didn't know that until like a week ago finally I got somebody to respond to me in emails then I noticed that the email started deleting their self so I grabbed the phone and I started taking pictures while they were deleting their self cuz I thought I was kind of interesting all I know is the debit card information the saying the address the same on both email accounts but I forgot the password to the one email and that's when I stopped receiving my payments basically but I receive payments off the other email address using that email address on the website I don't know I've been at it for 4 days now I don't my recommendation is I wouldn't use that app no more

User's recommendation: Not to use it it took them 4 days is the answer me in emails we was like 32 hours ago I got posted that my payment was late.

Location: Jena, Louisiana

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