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I've written to customer service a number times, about a number of issues. I've gotten one reply, and that was only after my previous reply stated that I was going to escalate the issue and write a snail mail letter to the company. I don't know if they are just short on customer service people, or what, but I'm wondering if offerup is long for this world if they can't afford to hire enough support personnel, or the ones they have are simply mismanaged (see my points below about the company culture).

To detail a little more of my problems: When I first set up an account, I tried to add a credit card. I have a credit score of 780, and a card that I've never had trouble with, and yet it kept saying that my card was "declined." I called my credit card company, and they stated that there was no attempt to charge my card at all, nor any inquiries. I double checked all of my card information. All correct. I tried using a debit card that I had. Didn't work. Tried several times to get customer service help. No replies. I figured that it must be a systemic problem, so a waited a number of weeks. Tried it all again, same problem. Sent more service messages, no replies.

I thought maybe it was just something messed up in my particular account, so I created a second account. Ran into the same problems. Couldn't get a credit or debit card to work. I tried off and on over several weeks, and one day when trying to log in, I got an "Account Inactive" message. So I put another support message in asking what that meant, and how to get working on offerup. Then, suddenly, I get an email from offerup saying "Your accounts have been removed from OfferUp due to repeated violations of our Posting Rules. Users are only allowed one OfferUp account. Your accounts have been closed." No discussion, no replies? Yep, that's how they operate I guess.

After writing one last support request, and explaining everything from top to bottom AGAIN, and suggesting that I would do my best to escalate, through snail mail (as I mentioned above), if necessary, I got a reply that said that they would help me remove one of my accounts, and ended with "If there is anything else that we can do to help, let us know and we'll take care of you."

So I replied with my problems with the credit/debit cards, and to date, have had no replies after trying 2-3 times again. I'm about to give up completely.

Then most recently, I had another issue that I didn't get a response on: What little I have been able to do with offerup, locally, was to offer a free concrete birdbath stand. I put it on for free, and received several replies. As I always do, I gave first preference to the first person to reply. He said he would come right over to get it. Then he didn't show up. So I texted him, and he said he got busy at work, and he would come over later. He didn't show up. I wrote again, and he said he was on his way. I told him I would leave it by the curb, in case I wasn't there. I was there, but it just disappeared from the curb shortly thereafter. So offerup's system asked me to give feedback on the transaction.

The feedback system was very specific in the questions, including one that asked if he showed up when he said he would, and I selected "no", which I think probably caused him to get knocked down a star on that rating. I hesitated to hit send, exactly because I feared retaliatory feedback, but I didn't want to lie. It seems that it would hurt the integrity of OfferUp's system, so I answered honestly, figuring that their system had a way to protect my reputation.

Then the next thing I know, after that one and only transaction, *I* got a 4/5 star review! The guy apparently dinged me a star, solely on the basis of my honest rating. I offered him something for free, he accepted, then dilly-dallied to come get it, while I continued to answer calls from others who said they would come right over, and I'm the one that now has 4/5 stars for one transaction. I didn't think that was fair, since I was using OfferUp's rating system and answering honestly, so I wrote to OfferUp, about it, and they have never replied.

In the process of trying to find some kind of help on their website, I stumbled onto their "careers" link which had a video of "life at offerup." It prominently features alcohol in the workplace. Now, mind you, I enjoy an ice cold beer or two at times. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. It's abuse, not use, that is problematic. But this is a RECRUTING video. Imagine what it's like when the cameras are off.

I think it that OfferUp is a bunch of young kids squandering the money of venture capitalists. There must be a few smart guys working there that are trying to create something great. There is evidence of it when you use the service. But there is a so much wrong with how they do things. I'm fed up to the point where today, rather than listing my items that I need to get rid of, I'm writing this review. It is really frustrating to me, because I know that there are people who are using offerup and having no problems. I'm frustrated because the system has a lot of potential, but offerup is just ignoring requests for help.

When I get done, I will reluctantly go back to listing them on craigslist or eBay. Yes, they are both more archaic interface, but they work.

I'm very disheartened and frustrated, because OfferUp has so much potential, but they really have done me wrong. I've got 100% positive feedback on eBay (look me up--I'm user jcjewell1961), and have been a user there for over 19 years, just to give you a point of reference from my past. I have also been using the internet since 1983, before it was open to the public (I worked on a U.S. government project and was involved in developing network technologies). At that time, there was a lot of buying and selling, and people did so on the honor system. I had bought a number of items that way, sending a check to a disembodied user of the internet of the time, and my goods always showed up. But I digress.

Take this as a warning. I hope that OfferUp is reading this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

OfferUp Pros: Easy to use app, Sell items fast, Options of loading numerous photos.

OfferUp Cons: Bad customer service, Are very difficult to contact, Failure to address dishonest swipe to my reputation.

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