Letgo was a decent selling app that would have listings expire after 30 days and you could do a one click renewal. It was good and I enjoyed it.

Then offerup took them over. Offerup keeps all listings that ever occurred on their site so you might search out things that have been posted over a year and of course they're not available. OfferUp does not allow you to renew your listings you have to completely delete them and repost them. And even that would be okay as relisting took 10 seconds, but now they forced another app update where it literally takes a solid minute to post one thing.

And every time you move a page you get a pop-up ad that you have to cancel out of.

It is ridiculous and stupid and this company should be ashamed of themselves and I hope anyone who feels the same way as I do will join me in a good old-fashioned long press and hold, swipe to uninstall. Thank you for listening.

User's recommendation: Dont bother.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Account.

OfferUp Cons: Good app at 1st then it was taken over by scammers, No renewal options, No customer service response, Latest update full of ads, Latest update slow and unusable.

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