They have combined OfferUp and let-go deleting the let-go app and now they say you can combine your accounts to show your stats by using your email address from one to the other well I use the same email address for both and they actively make it so you can't get in touch with them not to mention since they've done this every time I make postings I get multiple messages immediately from people that are nothing but scams and I mean 10 or 15 messages within 5 minutes on three or four items!! The app is almost unusable at this point it's a complete waste of time I've been on both app for many years and now one of them is gone and the other ones sucks on so many levels and they refused to make it so you can get in touch with them to ask them questions try to find their contact information on the app I dare you! You won't be able to find it you have to Google it and even then it's nearly impossible to find why do these companies always have to screw things up they have something good going so they've got to ruin it every time what a let-down!

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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