after months and months "I still need a clean reliable car ASAP!! pamela

cars are listed on offerup claim to be for sale for 1000 or 1600.00,

you know in the divorce price range in need.

many don't even allow the person who contacted first to see the car.

then claim its sold,

usually no one even contacts you, in my case I have seen the same cars for 1000 appear again months later claiming they are for sale again.. always , my mom or my aunt is selling her car contact her only-always by e-mail, in my case its too slow to do this waiting for them to answer.

i need a decent running car desperately cheap right now later i will by a new car-

please do something about this!!

i don't want to give out all this personal info to two people every time i ask about a car.

please require them to list important info about the car!

User's recommendation: insist offerup make them list important info about the cars!! not just the year, make and model or mileages'.

Location: Laguna Niguel, California

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