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I unfortunately gave them my Drivers License info. to join the "TruYou" membership on Offerup.

Waited and waited for the promised confirmation email...nada. Sent three more emails to their customer service...SURPRISE, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Also, while waiting, I listed something for sale that was deleted, completely, after a day. No email explaining why, nothing.

Worst site EVER! I would rather give eBay 10% and have someone give me actual service.

I would like to know if I have any recourse since they requested/solicited my personal information to join their little program and owners of site know they have no one working this site to follow up. Extremely worried where my personal information ended up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Offerup Truyou Membership.

Reason of review: NO customer service .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

OfferUp Cons: No customer service feel scammed.

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I agree. They even got my SSN.

I think I will back away from them. I think there is "...$omething Rotten in Denmark." I have had 1 sale in about 1 year.

Recent. Had no idea they would HIT ME UP FOR BANKING AND SSN AND "TRUE YOU"


I agree with all the comments especially the comment stating Offerup’s downfall. Perhaps that’s why they’re trying to raise 111 mil. Horrible site


question: why is is they are showing they are interested but giving another email for me to reply to? im not sending to a different email than who is showing interested on offer up concerned


I agree that OfferUp and TruYou are useless. I’ve been scammed several times buying off of OfferUp and all I got was a canned email to report it to the police. I asked for TruYou information on the seller so I could turn it over to the police and never got the information.


Had a similar experience. Within hours of signing up with TruYou I noticed that there was a vehicle listed for sale that was not mine.

I deleted it. A few hours later there were another half dozen vehicles listed for sale under my account which I deleted again. Contacted OfferUp "customer service" and explained I thought my account may have been hacked. SIX WEEKS later I received a response which was not helpful.

Can no longer log in to my account on phone.

Can log in on laptop but, of course, cannot post or edit listings. I guess we get what we (don't) pay for…


Offerup is a useless website with useless terms.


useless is putting it mildly


Offer up banned me for telling some one who’s tried to rob me to *** the scammer went ahead and acted innocent after asking me for $10,000


Facts1. Truyou is NOT optional they force you to sign up otherwise you cannot make an account (as of now july 2018).

for those lucky enough to have made an offerup when dinosaurs existed you are the only exception.2. Offerup says not to give information to strangers etc....but then Truyou asks for id which has your address,date of birth,age,height,weight,picture of you (facial recognition anyone?),country you are in and 40 other personal things....so let me get this straight offer doesn't want me giving a stranger (im meeting) personal info but offerup (a stranger by the way cause I have NO idea who these fools are and have never met an offerup employee) itself has a "buddy" called Truyou and you expect me to give a 3rd party stranger my id? I don't even know you idiots who work at offerup and you expect me to trust a random idiot you're pointing to? If I don't trust you why would I trust them?

you're dumber than a bag of bricks.3. I guarantee 1000% Truyou will be the downfall of offerup once they get sued up the *** either from Truyou being hacked and personal info leaked (don't say it cant happen,everybody and their dog has been hacked at some point and personal info leaked even big name companies) or from a Truyou causing an incident with info they got off someone.4. Scared of a random buyer stealing from me? Im more scared of a Truyou employee/worker pulling up on me randomly out of nowhere since they have my address,number,face picture etc...

if I sign up for their services.

That's more threatening and scary because at least I know what the buyer wants but I have no idea what Truyou is after or their end goal.5. Theres a reason ebay,craiglist,amazon,newegg and 1000 other sites don't ask for id its a violation/illegal.


I totally agree..... Just gave my number, but then after having my bank accounts and cards stolen and so the *** I've been thru, nope, no way, no how am I coughing up my Driver's License which had that data bar strip on the back.

Damn, imagine what con artists can do with just our driver's license alone. I've read your info.

above and I totally agree. Thanks


Try bu is offers up way to block you if you try to make a new account after the block your account with no fair trial

Shreedhar Hegde

I have posted used items on Offerup, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and eBay. Obviously eBay gets better attention, but a 12% fee on total sales is bit too much, at the same time offers protection (somewhat..

but most of the buyers have a Paypal and genuine). I live in NYC suburb and an ad attracts many interested parties when I post on any of the other apps, without me paying the 12% fee and also buyer gets for cheaper.However, Offerup needs to take care of few things. Instead making it hard for seller the app should focus on buyers ID verified, because there are many scammers around and the minute I post, I receive around 25-30 scam messages (specially requesting Paypal transaction with a story) and all of those are non verified accounts. Why does the app let the buyers contact the sellers without account being verified?Also, recently I was selling a used item worth $900 and there were 2 buyers tried to scam me, but I took precaution.

Because it is a lot of money for cash, I was thinking Venmo is secured if I am dealing with a genuine buyer. So, the first buyer kept me on wait for an hour and didn't come. Again made me hear a story and the next meeting was set-up. All of a sudden he started to ask me my Venmo ID and I thought buyer wants to know that my Venmo is valid (I still didn't understand why it need to be safe from buyers point of view).

But, I told the buyer that the amount is high and I need to check his ID and I would be meeting near police station. Buyer never responded. Maybe, they need to know the Venmo ID in advance so that they can set up some kind of scam before meeting?In a similar fashion, there was another buyer wanted to meet me in the city for Venmo transaction. He again asked me for Venmo ID, but I told him he can transfer by scanning code and I am not sharing.

He replied me that, anyways he got my Venmo through my phone number and I really wanted to check his Venmo linked to his number. I couldn't find and scammer told me it could be because the app is not synced. I went ahead and tried to lookup his number, turns out he is using a sideline number (just for scamming). I wanted to still confront him, but he was late by 45 minutes (Does anyone wait that long after we have a scheduled time and place?).

He was angry on the phone and told me he would never come to meet me again haha.Even cash transaction is not safe. If you see an ad that says, I will verify currency before exchanging in my ads you could be looking at my post. Shipping is a big no no, even if the payment is via Paypal. If the scammer buyer says he mailed him a brick, Paypal refunds him all his money and he keeps the item too.In terms of total audience, Facebook gets the maximum while Letgo stands second (with lot of scammers too).

Facebook is the best option because, you know with whom you're dealing with. I never deal with a FB user whose account is newer than 2 years.

@Shreedhar Hegde

Very smart one buddy....I love that you choose to be smart.


Truthfully as a seller I find the buyers are lower class than letgo or Facebook mart. They show late, don't show or show up with less than the agreed upon price and expect you to take it or leave it.

Or the few that straight out and out want to rob you at gunpoint.

It's not the sites fault, I know that. Just better experience with the other sites....


Sounds like a very foolish human being, like a man walking barefoot over rocks holding u half used pair of shoes


I have used offerup for over a year. Signing up for truyou and giving them a pic of your drivers license is completely optional.

I won't do it, too risky in my opinion. As to the removal of a listed item. Both offerup and letgo both have a list of things that cannot be listed and you should get familiar with what is not allowed.

Because other members can report a listing for not following the site rules and the item may or may not be removed because of it. Just read the info and follow it and they don't get deleted


Do i need to submit my CA ID to the OfferUp Truyou? Some what it is a SCAM?


I gave truyou my personal information and I linked my Facebook and confirmed my email, and I added my phone number just to buy and sale on they Site. And I still can't post an item or reply to messages.

All I know is if something happens to my personal information then I smell a big lawsuit coming and I will be getting lawyer up big time. I contacted OfferUp and they told me this The TruYou program allows us to cross reference the information you submit in order to verify your identity and is not stored by OfferUp... So if that's the case then why do we have to go through them on your site? I don't care who point the finger at who I save all my emails, and the crap I had to go through just in case.

I'll be using letgo and Craigslist & eBay as usual until this get situated. And I also realize it's people on that site who doesn't have truyou posting items and making sales but yet I can't post nothing or send messages.

Rubbing hands and waiting patiently.


i will never give those social ignorant bats my id or my DL #.. they can KMA..

there are too many good sites out there other than offer up that are reputable and honest.. and will reply back to you. offer up is on its way to being sued by many entities because of the Tru You crappola, demanding photos of your license and so forth..

i wont fall victim to those leaches NEVER I filed a fraud complaint against Offer Up and i got my money back..i wont ever use them again and yes i have been baned because i would not allow them to make me a victim.. they are the LOSERS...THE WORST APP I HAVE EVER USED...


I am deleting this app and will stop my friends to use this site,,guys be aware of this site they give truebadge to scammer and when we raise complaint they don’t even response.